External aperture control for eos lens

n order to keep my EOS EF / EF-S lenses on Sony NEX range camera (FS-100) i will use a regular adapter, and add the electrical control system coming from another EOS body.

Of Course, Cheap to buy, but i also bought some macro ring for Canon Lens, dismantle, cut it and add some wire, and use a old canon DSLR (350D) as a remote.
I spend 4 hour on this, so not too complicated to do, and it’s working perfectly!!!
Next step is to buy a broken body in order to put a switch on the “deep of field” button instead of pushing it, add a power supply with 12 V and some rig to attache all of it.

All the stuff to start, Kippon Adapter E-Mount to EOS (mecanical only), Extension tube for EOS, 350D EOS Body and test EF-S Lens.

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