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Electronic-SteadyCam 2.0

Since flying object are in the sky with video camera, the engineer have tried to make the footage less shaky by adding gyroscope and motors to compensate the tilt and roll. With time, technology shift to faster motor and better gyroscope, It took not so much time to build bigger gimbals for bigger camera.
Turn out that any hand held system may benefice from this technology and the development from a single engineer in Russia finally took over everything we knew.

Alexmos developed a simple board, based on Arduino processor, including anything you need to balance with specific motors, the brushless one you could found anywhere.

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Drone tips

After about 2 years of experience in flying, I learn a lot and found out that I was very lucky to not have more trouble during my flight at the beginning of these projects.
So, I save you a lot of trouble by writing down all what I found so far as a list of things to think before and during flight. You will have to read but also follow these. Don’t jump too fast to the next step…
I supposed you already read all the checking list before sending something in the air, so I will jump to other matters.

It’s always good to picture in your head how will look the view from the sky, it will help to decide your flying path.
This castle is almost invisible from the ground, but looking great at 150m high (France, 2012)

Don’t over estimate yourself.
Flying is easy at first: you buy a copter, you turn it on, it’s flying in a field, and you are a pilot!

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