Client needs and the real world

Being working in this business for almost 15 years, I participate in about 400 shootings. During these, I often have similar remarks or demands from my Clients and attendees .Here are my common answers

(1) Please take beautiful pictures!

This the basic request, of course beauty is quite a different concept depending of each person eyes. I hope I will always try to do my best to get great pictures.

(2) Can you make me look slimmer?

Yes, I can. using a tele lens instead of a wide angle will do.

(3) I know a friend who have the same camera.

Quite classic introduction when you are not sure what to say to the photographer you hired. You are just instantly inside his friend list!

(4) Can you take a picture to look exactly like this 3D rendering?

3D rendering could be quite beautiful, and obviously, I will not copy with a camera what you can create with your computer. Maybe, you should stick to the 3D rendering if you like it.

(5) Can you teach my wife how to take nice pictures? (So next time I will not bother you with such shooting).

Don’t laugh, it happens a lot of time to me! Sometime, just basic skills are enough to cover some client needs and few training hours may be sufficient to reach this level. Of course, we can take care of this and after few trainings, you may so understand that taking a picture required a lot of skills and hire us on more interesting job!

(6) Can you upload all the pictures to my phone immediately after the event?

Social media are getting extremely important and fast communication could have a major impact on your event. Nowadays, our professional cameras can do dual recording with low resolution files to get it right after your event online or on your phone.

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