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Sony FS7 Mark 1 upgrade hack, microphone holder fix with SmallRig

 Owner of both a FS7 Mark1 and mark2, it was very tempting to try to upgrade the version one to be closer to the upgraded version and switch from each of them flawlessly.

The first easy fix is the microphone holder.
 Honestly, if you are working for Sony team who designed this; I would love to get a word with you. How in the world, after designing hundred of cameras, you ended with such fragile solution?

 For those not familiar with it; it’s a 15 mm aluminum rod with a cap in plastic where 4 tiny screws are supposed to hold the weight of a microphone. On top of these, of course, two, even thinner, plastic clips are the only link with the rest of the camera. You can imagine what’s happening when you put this in a camera bag as the microphone is in the top of your camera? Life expectation of the ensemble is about a week.
I bought my FS7 in perfect condition from a company running out of business in Shenzhen, and even if the body was in perfect condition, this part was damaged.

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Hello World, 2.0 (Hong Kong videographer and Photography website)

hong kong cameraman local crew in HK to hire freelancer sound tech boom operator dop local crew

hong kong cameraman local crew in HK to hire freelancer sound tech boom operator dop local crew

Since we now providing video service in larger Guangdong area, it was a necessity to get a more local crew and website.
This is now done with our sister registered company in HK and a new presence on the web.
For Guangzhou, Shenzhen and, of course HongKong, I have created for you.Feel free to give us comment below.

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My favorite links (updated 2017)

Internet is always full of information, and Google your best friends I use to say… but it’s sometime hard to get the one fitting your needs and accurate as search engine promote their partners first. Google now try to profile you and the answer may not be the same depending on your past search which could be a nightmare to get what you are looking for.
I strongly suggest alternative search engine and using the incognito mode on your browser when you are looking for “fresh” result.

I have tried to put few of important websites you would like to check and helps you decide which way you should go.

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SmallRig VCT 14 Shoulder plate review

This is the second iteration from smallrig on the quest for the perfect VCT shoulder mount support.
I will not spend too much time on the first version as it’s not available anymore, but plenty of things where just simply not working. So, let’s see what this one has to offer.

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Tele-converter Sony 1.4x with SEL E 18-110 Cine Zoom Lens : Fail

  Sometimes, being the first to try something can be a bit frustrating, especially, when it’s simply not working at the end.

  I have been trying to find a way to get more range with a single zoom lens and keep my bag light at the same time. A simple teleconverter was one possible option and I was looking for one compatible with the FS7 and my lens.
   A 1.4x or 2x factor seems a good option and will help when I need a bit more of reach without carrying another lens. My Sony Cine 18-110 becoming a 35 mm equivalent of a 24-150; not bad if it’s working. But…

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FS7 mark II vs fS7 or FS5, gh5, bmc, the fair comparison

  You will find plenty of blogs with the technical differences between these cameras, but what does it mean in real life? ( for real users and not just specs readers).

  I have tried here to talk more about usability than just specs as corporate shooter.

(The current 4K offers on May 2017).
  It’s fair to says that the offer to shoot broadcast ready 4K videos these days are actually quite limited.
  I will talk here about few camera and explain why it’s options to worth considering. (If you think a phone is an option, you are not on the right website)

Black Magic Design Mini Pro (not the mini)

  The new upgraded version WITH the ND internal filters finally put BMC to a level of a camera you may want to consider as you can now shoot in more environments without the need of extra cage with mate box or screwing filters. It’s still a 4.6 K sensor, giving you sometime bit more to stabilize. Unfortunately, the very limited low light capabilities and the absence of recognition from the market put this camera in a very special niche. Something worth considering if you are a filmmaker on your own and always able control lighting. Also the very small sensor size also limit your creativity as the lenses offer in the wide range or fast aperture. It will be very hard to get the same look than a Super35 or even worst : a full frame camera sensor.

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Best lenses for your Sony PXW FS7 ?

  After confirming that my 4 years old Canon C300 was not getting so much success on current 4K market, I first did a quest on the existing 4K offer. As the only clear winner was a Sony PXW FS7, the question of my existing lenses and how to use them got very important. Here are few tips and ideas and final buy to switch from one brand to another.

  As many, I have started to get very nice lenses coming from my photography assignment and was very pleased to use them on video setup. Being a Canon shooter after few time with Nikon, It helps getting lenses system compatible with almost everything.

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Sony FS7 on DJI Ronin-M? Yes, you can!

  Looking online about this setup did not give you much detail so I decided to get a try and succeed to balance and use such setup. Please find below my detailed explanation. This is not in the DJI Ronin-M specifications, but if you have a setup already balanced before turning on the motors, it will work as only a little energy is needed to fight the movements.
  First, my assignment was for the Auto Show at Shanghai 2017 where we should quickly go for few stabilizes motion shot, to more details and static shot on tripod. I wanted to get a very simple way to switch from one to another without the need of any tools; the camera chosen by my client, Renault innovation was a Sony FS7.

  I successfully tested the full size DJI Ronin with a Sony FS7 before, but the size of the gimbal and its weight is a killer if you don’t have a way to support it with an Easyrig backpack or similar. This is heavy and not practical in a fair environment. With the smaller Ronin-M, you can get inside cars and keep shooting for way longer time.

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what’s inside a Cine SSD DJI, Can you use a simple SSD instead?

Always wondering what’s inside a DJI cine SSD and if you could get you way around it?

Not sure you can do that!

After opening it, you will find a Samsung SSD, connected to a sub board with a proprietary board to restrain from using your own system

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Zacuto Gratical Eye Findings and thoughts

  Investing in a EVF is a interesting choice; either it’s by comfort as your camera do not offer a decent one, either it’s by obligations on your side when your eyes start to make close object not so sharp anymore.
  For me, that was the second one but I realized that I should have bought one sooner. The Zacuto Gratical EYE OLED is my first one, so i can’t compare only to the one you can have on camera as the fixed one on c300 or the Sony lens piece on the ex3 or fs7.
  In any case, the advantages of owning one are now obvious and I will buy another this again and again if you ask me.

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Best of 2016 #2 Canon C300/C100 top plate

#2 Top plate for Canon EOS C300/C100 from SmallRig

  As the Vinten extra plate is a must have for vinten AS perfect balance owner, this top plate accessory fro Smallrig is the best top plate you can have to protect and upgrade your C300 camera.

  I have first tried the WoodenCamera plate but it felt short compare the this higly inspired from SmallRig. It comes with 2 side mounts that goes in both sensor marker and gives you a solid 3 point link for this plate. It let you mount many accessories or keep original handle in a much better place.

  It also makes super easy to break down the camera in a bag without unscrewing anything. As I’m doing rental, this top has been protecting my investment ever since I installed it. One major default from Canon being how loose the handle screw always gets and ends damaging it. If your hot shoe screw is gone, it’s a nice way to repair your camera.

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The best of 2016 from SmallRig #1 The universal DSLR cage !

  The end of the year is always a quiet time and a perfect moment to look back at your office worktable and check what went on it, what stay in a drawer and what you actually have on your camera rig. I’m always asking myself if I had to do it again, what will be my choices. Here is the first of a series of post about my best of this year!

#1 The universal DSLR cage, one to rule them all.
  I hate the idea of buying a cage for a DSLR system; unlike for a video camera, with a limited possible model, there is so many DSLR and with a very short lifespan that putting a lot of money in one model seems a complete lost.

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#Best of 2016, The Shogun cage.

#3 SmallRig Shogun cage MarkI and Mark2

  This is the missing part if you own an Atomos recorder. It allows you to lock it and mount it to almost any possible camera or support, it remove the very weak 2 small crew hole from the equation and let you enjoy a lot of other support options. It do not add a lot of weight, but clearly will help getting its lifspan extended.

It can also accept a very sun-hood that can be kept in place in your bag. I strongly suggest also to use a tablet protective sheet on the screen to avoid possible scratch and ruin your monitor. Please make sure to cut it with a brand new blade and not a pair of ciseau to make sure it will be sticky enough on the corners.

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Vinten tripod head replacement plate from SmallRig

  Running a rental house, I’m often scared by little details that can make change the face of your shooting. Most of my clients bring their camera from overseas, but rent the tripod locally; and one of the most common mistake when they bring it back, is to forget the top plate on their camera. So, Losing my top plate is something very real and quite scary; without it, the full tripod is useless.
  Of course, if you are using a Manfrotto one; it’s quite easy to get replacement plate for cheap (and Smallrig also have plenty of options for you) but when you are moving to something a bit more professional a Vinten perfect Balance Series, it’s start to be way more complicated as these are imported product. First, I think Vinten’s one are overpriced, but if you add importation taxes and time to get it delivered to China, it’s an easy 4 weeks without any way to use your tripod head. Something no one can afford.

  I came by to test the Vinten replacement plate from smallrig 4 months ago and I feel no way relax to get my tripod out. Their version is a bit different in the design, especially on the bottom side, but it’s very strong and can be use without any fear of getting loose. The screw are a bit different, so, be careful if you are mixing with the original one, but it can accept larger ones, where Vinten force you to use a smaller head diameter.
Vinten plate hong kong shooter for hire

Side by side, the Original and the backup, I use the Vinten 3 and 5 AS with these.
Vinten back plate china shooter for hire
  On the SmallRig one, the screw can not travel all the way and there is a 3/8 thread if you need to screw an accessory on it, frankly, I’m not sure why I will do that as it only get in a very thin part of the metal.

  Overall, for the price, this is a must have item as backup if you have a Vinten AS head, it can also help you to switch camera to tripod or slider for example. My only wish will be to get the bottom locking plate also with the Vinten size in order to get more coupling combinations.
  To my knowledge, this is the only third part Vinten plate you can buy now!

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Smallrig brings beauty to efficiency : the black rod

The last item you are investing it is most of the time the rod. To be honest, I never be found of the silver look and switched to carbon fiber also to avoid the weight.
smallrig 2 black rod shenzhen shooting video
Unfortunately, the metal rods are most of the time the only way to go to get some rig design sturdy enough for your purpose. I have tried the super expensive Redrockmicro or the more affordable Skier and got with some rig with a lot of cheap Chinese one.

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