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Our Address
1st Floor, Building 22,
No 198,Rui Jin Er Rd,
200020, Shanghai, P.R. China
at the crossing with Jianguo Rd
In Chinese: 上海市卢湾区瑞金二路198弄22号楼1楼

Call us at :
(mobile) +86 139 1717 9321 (English or French) (gmt +8)
(office) +86 21 643 11 562 (English, French or Chinese) from 10 am till 7pm (gmt +8)

Email us :
i n f o @ v i s i o n r o u g e . c o m

+86 139 1717 9321 (视频&平面摄影)

+86 21 64311562(活动事件资源服务)

Fax: +86 21 64311562
地址: 上海市卢湾区瑞金二路198弄22号楼1楼

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Vision Rouge, Video Production, Post Production, Photography and Event Resources in China.
V2015.01上海左视右像文化艺术策划有限公司 & 環球左視右像有限公司 Vision Rouge Shanghai and Vision Rouge Limited (HK)