RedRock micro ultraCage for Canon EOS C100

Fit C100 canon camera and let you use the mattbox as the camera stand close to the 15mm rail rod

Here are others details from Redrock website:

Completes the Canon EOS C100 camera – by providing the necessary baseplate and cage
can stay permanently on the C100 even while accessing any of the camera’s features or attaching accessories like the C100 removable handgrip.
Mounting points everywhere
The ultraCage™ was designed specifically to deliver this without getting in the way of accessing all the camera’s features.
Infinitely expandable – simple and compact, or full featured and ready for the fischer dolly, studio or handheld. Redrock’s solutions have your C100 covered,
Ready to go for large lenses – ultraCage baseplate already has the correct height and mounting points for adding 15mm studio or 19mm rails to support big cinema lenses from Canon, Cooke, and others.