DJI Inspire 1 versus Phantom and Mikrokopter. Pro and cons.

I’m the happy owner of 4 different flying platform. Few years back, I started with a large Mikrokopter Hexa XL, moving later to phantom 1 and 2 and my last buy is a DJI Inspire. I’m using these for different jobs in different configuration as I think they are very different from each other and also. I will try to explain how different they are from each other.

Over the age…
My first drone, a Mikrokopter multi-blade drone Hexa XL;
To be honest, I built it way before the drone trend in order to get different pictures from the air. It was a very long and risky process at this time as only few passionate where moving from RC plane to these so called “drone” blog and online help were very hard to get right as everyone was publishing its own experience with no commercial model available.
I trained myself first in 3D simulated software using my remote connected to my computer at first as you cannot afford any crash. I still think that the right way to start with learning how to control your drone.

Mikrokopet setup with Canon 5D camera

My Mikrokopter setup with Canon 5D camera

It was a more larger DIY project and I do not advice someone without good electronic, programming and mechanical experience to start such project. I had the feeling that I was spending most of my time upgrading in order to get it better after each flight. I was still an extreme rewarded experience and a perfect way to learn how to flight without all the GPS and gyroscope help.

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