Video related best website for 2017

Internet is always full of information, and Google your best friends I use to say… but it’s sometime hard to get the one fitting your needs and accurate as search engine promote their partners first. Google now try to profile you and the answer may not be the same depending on your past search which could be a nightmare to get what you are looking for.
I strongly suggest alternative search engine and using the incognito mode on your browser when you are looking for “fresh” result.

I have tried to put few of important websites you would like to check and helps you decide which way you should go.

Red Shark News Few article per day, The most complete test and preview I can find about video gear and techniques. This is the only website you should go if you have limited time to spend online. Very accurate and the staff is also directly answering if you need extra question.

News Shooters 3 articles per week, Video news oriented. I found a nice place to share about lighting news shooting situation and gear reviews in this particular field. Article are long and go to details. This is a great place as the also have plenty of Chinese local product to present.
They have partnership with few LED brand, so it’s sometime more advertising info; just skip when they just talk about a product they did not actually tested.

No Film School New article every day, film audience as the name may suggest, but freelancer may found article for them and this is where you may need to be careful by checking if the info you have from there fit your need or not. A great place to get interview from director and also last gear announcement and released. I found a bit too simple and low budget oriented.

F-Stopper New article every day, Photo and video audience, Mostly beginner and freelancer related. I found a lot of good topics, but sometime the answers are not relevant to my experience. If you are a single operator, this is a great place to learn about similar experience, but if you are specialized and part of large crew, it may look a bit amateur and not that “professional”. People are talking how to survive in a shark freelance word more than a way to get sustainable business.

4kshooters About two articles every day, Great for video news for gear addicted as me. They have a very long and interesting testing article when they have it in hand. Again, jump the announcement post where they just speculate how a product will perform only. They also have few training to keep you updated on latest editing software techniques.

Hack a Day Few article every day, DIY article, with all the explanation you need to do it by yourself. A very nice resources for small hack on every possible electronic item you could already own and need to modified it for yourself.

To visit once and bookmark !
As we all need power! the best website to decide either to go for Alkaline, Lithium non rechargeable batteries? of The new LSD Enloop system versus NiZN for you wireless mic of sound mixer. Please connect to Michael Bluejay Website
It look like old school design and everything, but, so far, the best website about all kind of batteries and what they really have to offer with the downsides and advantage. Spoiler Alert: no clear winner, all depend on your use and electronics

Note: I do not have any partnership with any of these websites. This is the 2017 version of this list.