• How do I increase my visibility on Google ?

    How do i increase my visibility on Google? SEO, ranking, what are they in real life and how to improve these will be the game of the day. Below are few tips to solve the impossible equation on how do I increase my visibility on Google. For the novice, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.…
  • Hello World, 2.0 (Hong Kong videographer and Photography website)

    Since we now providing video service in larger Guangdong area, it was a necessity to get a more local crew and website. This is now done with our sister registered company in HK and a new presence on the web. For Guangzhou, Shenzhen and, of course Hong Kong, I have created for you.Feel free…
  • SmallRig VCT 14 Shoulder plate review

    This is the second iteration from smallrig on the quest for the perfect VCT shoulder mount support. I will not spend too much time on the first version as it’s not available anymore, but plenty of things where just simply not working. So, let’s see what this one has to offer.…
  • FS7 mark II vs fS7 or FS5, gh5, bmc, the fair comparison

    What should be your next camera: Sony FS7 mark II vs fS7 or FS5, gh5, bmc, …

    You will find plenty of blogs with the technical differences between these cameras, but what does it mean in real life? ( for real users and not just specs readers).

    I have tried here to talk more about usability than…

  • Best lenses for your Sony PXW FS7 ?

    Looking to invest on some glass for your FS7? 
    After confirming that my 4 years old Canon C300 was not getting so much success on current 4K market, I first did a quest on the existing 4K offer. As the only clear winner was a Sony PXW FS7, the question of my existing lenses and how…

  • Sony FS7 on DJI Ronin-M? Yes, you can!

    Put a Sony FS7 on DJI Ronin-M Gimbal ! Looking online about this setup did not give you much detail so I decided to get a try and succeed to balance my 4K camera Sony FS7 on DJI Ronin-M. Please find below my detailed explanation and real work done. According to the DJI Ronin M…
  • Zacuto Gratical Eye Findings and thoughts

    Investing in a EVF is a interesting choice; either it’s by comfort as your camera do not offer a decent one, either it’s by obligations on your side when your eyes start to make close object not so sharp anymore. For me, that was the second one but I realized that I should have bought…
  • Best of 2016 #2 Canon C300/C100 top plate

    Best of 2016 #2 Canon C300/C100 top plate #2 Top plate for Canon EOS C300/C100 from SmallRig As the Vinten extra plate is a must have for vinten AS perfect balance owner, this top plate accessory fro Smallrig is the best top plate you can have to protect and upgrade your C300 camera. I have…
  • #Best of 2016, The Shogun cage.

    #3 SmallRig Shogun cage MarkI and Mark2 This is the missing part if you own an Atomos recorder. It allows you to lock it and mount it to almost any possible camera or support, it remove the very weak 2 small crew hole from the equation and let you enjoy a lot of other support…
  • Vinten tripod head replacement plate from SmallRig

    Vinten tripod head replacement plate from SmallRig
    Running a rental house, I’m often scared by little details that can make change the face of your shooting. Most of my clients bring their camera from overseas, but rent the tripod locally; and one of the most common mistake when they bring it back, is to forget the…

  • Smallrig brings beauty to efficiency : the black rod

    Smallrig brings beauty to efficiency : the black rod The last item you are investing it is most of the time the rod. To be honest, I never be found of the silver look and switched to carbon fiber also to avoid the weight. Unfortunately, the metal rods are most of the time the only…
  • I have tested for you: Smallrig

    Smallrig is a newcomer on the wide Chinese copycat rig designer. Where Chinese brand as Tilta, Movcam or Lanparte are getting better of designing specific rig and keeping price high, Smallrig is more a lego provider with a very strong inspiration from WoodenCamera and completely affordable prices. They have a English website and great email…
  • DJI Inspire, One year after (2016)

    DJI Inspire drone, One year after You may find online some information about products to be released, product just released, but what about the product released one year ago and how do they hold they promises. This post also hold a lot of tips from my experience. Here are my thoughts after one year of…
  • Tips when Shooting video with Sony A7S

    Looking for the best tips when Shooting video with Sony A7S
    The Sony A7S is a fantastic tools, but with a lot of issue when you need to use it in a professional way.
    Here are few tips to help you using it.

    When you switch mode between NTSC and PAL, The camera format the memory card without…

  • Client needs and the real world

    Being working in this business for almost 15 years, I participate in about 600 shootings. During these, I often have similar remarks or demands from my Clients and attendees .Here are my common answers
    (1) Please take beautiful pictures!
    This the basic request, of course beauty is quite a different concept depending of each person eyes. I…