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B-roll, Interview
Camera operator
Hanoi, Dec. 2017

Let’s go to Vietnam this time! camera Sony FS7 in a backpack and all lighting and sound kit in a suitcase to record b-roll and interview staff and customers in Hanoi. Great time, and quite easy from our Hong Kong office to go there. If you are looking for a camera operator to work in hanoi or ho chi minh city, we are ready to serve you. The FS7 4K camera package is flight ready.Hanoi-vietnam-camera-operator-4k-camera-to-hire-rent

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B-roll, Interview
Camera operator, Sound tech
Nanjing, Nov. 2017

One more time in Nanjing to visit the future plant and interviews, wearing safety equipment and camera for the construction site. Sony FS7 with cine 18-110 and 10-18 to rule them all!
Interview with sigma art primes.
We are building our portfolio description, please get more info about hiring a freelancer in Nanjing here.
B-roll Interview Camera operator Sound tech Nanjing

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Fortune 500
B-roll, Interview
Camera operator, producer
Shanghai, Nov. 2017

One day at their office with FS7 and our gimbal setup for creative B-roll and follow shot. Outside and macro shooting to get even more option for their editing

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Conference, Interview
Camera operator, producer
Shanghai, Nov. 2017

Two FS7 this time for the news agency Reuters to cover conferences and interview in Shanghai.

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Conference, Interview
Camera operator, producer
Shanghai, Nov. 2017

At the 8th Total China scientific forum, Innovation on future transportation in Shanghai, providing conference coverage and guess interviews. Sony FS7 and new LED panels to keep increasing quality. Local producer for Mandarin speakers was also provided.

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Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show
Fashion TV
Camera operator
Shanghai, Nov. 2017

Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show, Fashion TV, Shanghai

Hard to say no to such offer, working on one of the largest fashion show for fashion-TV!
One day with a very limited space where all should be ready and working. FS7 Sony as min 4K camera, small Led panel and handheld microphone. All as described here.
On long but rewarding day from the backstage to the after party with full of pink!

Please check the above link for more, and this is the export for a 20mn roll of camera in a war zone!

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Hack the world
Camera operator, gimbal
Shanghai, Nov. 2017

One man band in Shanghai with our FS7 based gimbal stabilization setup for plenty of video interviews and B-Roll. A nice add-on with our in-house producer to make sure the interviewee is more comfortable to get great answers.
Of course, our LED panel and sound setup where there to cover 4 simultaneous speakers. A great day overall.

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ITF Junior master
Live Audiovisual
Video Technician
Chengdu, Oct. 2017

Video tech to use the LiveU unit, you can follow this link to know more about this first experience using such video transmitter in China for a live event when uploading is not an option

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Christie’s Auction House
Camera operator
Video editor
Hong-Kong, Sept. 2017

Sound technician covering the first official presentation of the largest diamond even been at auction at Christie’s Hong Kong. Editing the footage right after and upload it to be ready for Europeans news agency.
Providing as well gear as Sony FS7 4K camera, lighting, Sound device mixer, Sennheiser microphone and laptop workstation for on-site quick editing and broadcast XMPEG export. Providing cloud based support for extra large video files accessible worldwide.

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Factory Presentation
Sept. 2017, Shanghai

Factory Presentation, Videographer/Cameraman, Shanghai

Another day with the FS7 camera in Shanghai for this factory presentation. I was lucky to get few extra time to play with the Sigma art lens to do more portrait and close up of the action there. You can see on the following film how beautiful it makes a simple factory. Hire our Videographer cameraman in Shangai or anywhere around Asia and we will be happy to film there for you.
The final movie, edited by the client in Germany can be seen here. Starting a 3.50 for the Chinese part that I filmed.  They even choose one of my frame as still for their video.

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hangars construction site
Camera operator, B-Roll
PutuoShan, Sept. 2017

Two days on the future hangar construction for a largest US based airplane company. Sony Fs7 mark 2 as main camera and few and time-lapse photography systems with 360 degree rotating motion control head.

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Sound Tech
Sept 2017, Shanghai

One day following FanFan’s brother until the main concert at Mercedes Benz Arena. Soundbite and interview on the go!
Camera was the New sony A9

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Sept. 2017, Wuxi

Bracketing at 7 for getting the best of the new Goodman facilities in Wuxi. 5D mark 3 and the amazing 11-24 L4 lens for great results.

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Subway, Tramway
Alstom stock footage
Cameraman, Photographer
Aug. 2017, Shanghai

Need to get your Stock picture database in Shanghai updated?

Hire our local Photographer for Corporate job. We have En/Fr speaker team on demand to hire!
3 days between underground automatic subway station in Shanghai and the new tramway to start operation next months.
Sony FS7 and Canon 5D as equipment for interview, b roll and stock footage.

Glad to see my job online already here for metro magazine

or here for railway-technology

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4k local crew
Interview, B-Roll
June 2017, Shanghai

4k local crew, Interview, B-Roll, June 2017, Shanghai

Wonderful to see the researcher trying to convert back plastic bottle into oil and make it usable by car as fuel!
Sony FS7 Mark 2 and Sony Cine 18-110 with the help of few sigma prime to get nice interview looking.
Final movie is available here on CNBC website

(Starting a 4.08)

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4K cameraman
May 2017, Shanghai

Mystery shopper experience filming

My new Sony PXW FS7M2 with 18-110 for this selected jewelry shopper experience. 6 Microphones setup to get everyone heard!
Looking for a similar assignment? feel free to contact us for your next project in China.

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Consumer Electronic 2017
Sound tech
May 2017, Shenzhen

3 days in the south of China with few sound bite from the CE China 2017 edition.

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Renault innovation booth
Shanghai AutoShow
4K interviews & B Roll
Apr. 2017, Shanghai

2 x FS7 and DJI ronin for the 2017 version of Shanghai Autoshow.
Most of the setup can be checked here

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Delta Airlines
Corporate video
4K interviews, prompter
Apr. 2017, Shanghai

Indoor corporate video 4K interview in Shanghai

The right way to use ND filter on a windows! We can remove the light from the sun, but not the pollution..
Using my lightweight prompter on the FS7 for nice 4K video portrait with Shanghai landscape!
And If you need the same setup in Hong Kong with our teleprompter, feel free to contact us!. Visionrouge covers a very large part of Asia.

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Britannica Int. school
Lighting design
Lighting installation
March 2017, Shanghai

Avolite desk programming and light fixtures placement for the annual school show. a great success!

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