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Citi Bank
Videographer camera operator
Record video interviews
Macau, Nov.2018

Looking to hire a videographer camera operator for recording video interviews in Macau?

You are at the right place. Just one boat ride from China or Hong Kong, Macao is quite easy to reach for us. We already served plenty of clients asking for a one-man-band or two-person-crew corporate setup in Macau. Our video packages include everything you need to get all cover at once. The process is quite straight forward: You can ask for a quote book us. We take it from here: from planning our trip to Macau until uploading the footage at the end of the day, back to Hong Kong. All is include, even copyrights, so you are free to use and reuse the B-Roll at your convenience.
Our videographer camera operator speaks English, communication can be done directly with him.
hire english videographer camera operator video interview macao

Sound, light camera : Action

This project was quite a challenge for us as a single camera operator was requested to cover a two 4K cameras setup for a 2 person video interviews, so with 3 microphones setup! I let you imagine also that the lighting setup was a bit tricky to prepare. But it actually turn out great. On the sound part, no less that a Sounddevice 633 was used to feed one Sony 4K FS7 S35 film camera. We also used our latest bi-color flexible panel to keep our bags light but without compromise on color rendering. As all happen in an hotel with mixed white balance; the dual LED panel were the right choice.
videographer camera operator video interview macao

Others possibilities

Managing such shooting with only one videographer in Macau show how versatile and talented our team are. You can clearly put your worries at rest when hiring us for you next event video. Experience matters! (Here one in Hong-Kong for Qualcomm)
We have director of Photography (Dop), sound tech or Sound guy, fixer, producer bilingual for you to gather the best of your forum or conference. Event coverage or interviews is our daily job, but we also can provide b-roll or any great footage you would like to get.
Since last year a new bridge connect Macau to Hong Kong and will allow also to come directly with van and so more gear than before. The Ferry is still a great option but may suffer more incertitude with possible bad weather in Macau area.

cameraman videographer camera operator video interview macau on-demand to hire
For you next camera crew / photography / videography / videographer / photographer / sound tech / sound tech / cameraman / Dop / director / producer / fixer request in Macau-> Give us a call or email !

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Director of Photography
Camera crew
in Shenzhen Dongguan, Oct. 2018

Fantastic pro cameraman & camera crew available in Shenzhen Dongguan.

Great: if you are reading this; I hope you got the irony of reading how our competitors present their video services! Best of ” la creme de la creme” for you at the lowest possible price…. Yes; of course! I will call this “desperation” 😉
Sorry; we are just the team you need. With no extra talk, no BS, zero surprise 2 days before your shooting: all is include from scratch.
Exactly what you request at the right price! We have been doing such since 2003:  providing pro cameraman and camera crew, all over China, and so in Shenzhen Dongguan.
Simple and easy process: You send us a brief, a location and contact details and just wait tho download the footage the following day.
The full footage will belong to you at the end of the project, no hidden copyright stories, it’s a full buyout, even for our photography package. And last but not least, we have payment facility in any currencies, with even Paypal option to book us overnight!

pro cameraman in Shenzhen Dongguan area camera crew best great

Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan, Guangzhou..

These cities are part of the large Guangdong bay area and contain many free-trade zones. Most of the products labeled “made in China” found over the world may come from here. Without surprise, we have plenty of video shooting request.
This filming project took me two days to complete there.  The request came from Germany with an existing movie needed to be completed. The existing video follows the journey of their product all over the world. At one point, the manufacturing process happen in Shenzhen Dongguan area. I provided a 4K pro cameraman for B-Roll and Interviews, also called one-man-band.
Of course, each shot need to be prepared and shoot as part of the full story and keep the story going in a fluent way.

looking for a cheap pro Cameraman in Shenzhen Dongguan area Camera Crew

3D laser modeling printer.

Bonus Package

These factories are like candy land for any creative camera operator. There is so much going on everywhere! Each floor is packed with plenty of great looking equipment and machinery.
I came with my Sony 4K camera FS7 kit and cine lenses. Interview were done with the fantastic 20mm wide Sigma lens to get a large overviews of the facility at the same time. It makes the soot more interesting as well, and the 1.4 aperture is a blessing with a metabones adapter.
Interviews audio been recorded with lavalier and boom, so you always have 2 channels for best results. If you like to speed up, we also have two-person-crew option for you.
hire the best pro cameraman in Shenzhen Dongguan area camera crew
Feel free to contact us for a free quote.
I hope I will be able to share soon the final editing of this movie here.

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DoP and Sound-Tech
One-on-One Interviews
in Shanghai, Oct. 2018

Hire your Dop and Sound-Tech team for your One-on-One Interviews in Shanghai.

A 10 years returning customer, one more time in need for our nice 2-person crew in Shanghai. The basic Dop + Sound-Tech local crew to cover One-on-One Interviews, but this time outside. The name of the game was “Man on the street” and we stick to our client demand with a versatile and portable setup for this day outside.
It was a pleasure to meet again at their brand new facility is Pudong, Shanghai and take some time for B-Roll as well in their office. The entire building is computer controlled with any kind of sensors you can dream. It made things much more interesting for our Dop.
cheap dop sound-tech one-on-one interviews in shanghai

Why a need for a Sound-Tech?

A blurry picture with a perfect sound is more acceptable than a perfect video but inaudible sound, especially when you are doing One-on-One Interviews!
Yes, we can provide a one-man-band but it’s usually slower to get the full setup ready to roll perfectly. This delay may impact on the stress level of your interviewees. So getting someone dedicated to sound recording only is a great way to ensure all will go on time with excellent result. The Sound-Tech is also called boom operator or sound guy.  He will also brief the interviewee and help the Dop moving the camera gear around.
We always record with 2 kind of microphones to get wind or cloths scratching solved whatever the situation. It gave to the production house plenty of options on mixing these tracks. As we were outside this days, plenty of surrounding noises needed to be taking care of. Our two-person crew did perfectly well. The Dop was focusing on getting the right frame, mostly on shoulder as it was a request from the client. At the same time; the sound-guy was more adjusting the audio levels and sound quality.

Office B-Roll and outdoor One-on-One Interviews

The usual video request is the opposite; B-roll outside and One-on-One Interviews indoor. This office is so great looking, with plenty of futuristic features, that it was impossible to not get a peep of it.
It could seems hard to keep being creative spending so much time doing the same kind of footage, over and over. We know what you need and for us, each client is unique and need to be taken care as it.

looking for Dop Sound-Tech One-on-One Interviews in Shanghai

On the street side; with a great weather this day , we enjoyed the surrounding garden for a more local look. Thanks to the local team support, all went perfectly well this days. We were happy to be back on time for uploading the full day footage to our client cloud storage.

Hire us; we work on assignment!

Feel free to contact us if you would like to get our Dop and Sound-Tech for interview within Asia! We like to travel and our gear is always following us to ensure constant quality delivered.
All footage will belong to you at the end of the day, no hidden cost and last minute surprise. A smart attitude and professional work all the way is what we can offer you. We have been doing such since 2003!

Hire Dop Sound-Tech One-on-One Interviews in Shanghai

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Qualcomm 4G/5G summit
Camera team
Corporate Interviews
in Hong Kong, Oct. 2018

Looking for a camera team to film corporate interviews in Hong Kong ?

We were honored to cover the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in Hong Hong with our camera team. The assignment was for filming corporate interviews and a overview coverage of this large event. We dispatched a camera crew of 2 English speaker operators, equipped with our Sony FS7 to get an overall view of the venue and conferences. These high end cameras can record 4K footage at 60p to be ready for any request. We worked during the 2 days of the summit to gather conference, product presentation and Interviews.
Looking for a camera crew to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

Why choosing our camera team?

With such a long experience in filming in China and in Hong Kong, our camera team will be happy to support one more time your video project here. Speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English on request, we keep providing a smart answer for your corporate movie. In confusing time where technologies are moving so fast; it’s great to rely on experimented crew with latest equipment to gather the best of your summit. All footage will be either dropped to a drive every night, or uploaded to our FTP / cloud facility. We also have great payment facility to accept different currencies. Give us a shot, you should received an answer from us in less than 12 hours, wherever you are in the world.

Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in details.

We were also asked to shoot some products presentation directly on the different rooms sets for the journalists. Here with a VR 5G headset.
hire a camera crew to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong
And the next hour, we are back to the main room with a worldwide audience looking forward to a 5G world. Very impressive what the future of communication will bring. Hope to get a glimpse of it in the camera world soon. But I still sure you will still a cameraman to get the best of it behind the camera!
Hire a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

What is included in your corporate interview package?

Corporate interviews are a very common request and we offer a full package to cover any situation. In this particular video project; the client needed a 2 camera angles setup, wireless lavalier, boom and flexible LED, all battery power to move faster in the middle of the crowd. Last but not least is the outfit with a “dress smart” attitude from your team member’s.
Looking for a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong cheap
Our classic setup are two FS7 and the amazing Cine lenses from Sony. This is our basic run and gun ENG rig that we bring all over Asia; from the mountains of Shangri-La to Vietnam. Make no mistakes when choosing your video provider and get the one who delivers!
Here is the exported movie from our client website.

and here for the 5G application

Contact us in Hong Kong. 

Feel free to connect with us for a free quote and stop worrying about your next shooting in Hong Kong.
Please fill VisionRouge video/photo agency in China contact form bellow.

Looking for a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

Or Email us directly:
(If you need to send links or files, to avoid the spam filter)
c o n t a c t @ v i s i o n r o u g e . n e t

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Documentary cameraman
local camera operator
Shooting gear rental
Shangri-La, Yunnan, Oct 2018

Hire our local camera operator & rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La, Yunnan

One of our best project for 2018; spending two weeks on top of the world shooting everything about wine production around Shangri-La valley. This is our second trip for such subject as client was very happy with our first visit in 2015. This time, it was not for an advertising but shooting a TV documentary. The subject is still the same but the way to produce a TV documentary differ. The TV crew also decided to rent the shooting gear directly to us. We provided a full package including a English/french/mandarin local camera operator and all shooting gear at once in Shangri-La. Below are more details about our adventure there.
Hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
It was right after a rainy September month, so Shangri-La’s lac flooded the surroundings.

Aerial video support

In such location, going without a drone will be a clear mistake as landscapes are just gorgeous. Every mountain is out of scale. In 2015, a DJI Inspire one was provided, but as technology evolved, a Mavic Pro 2 was the perfect match for this TV documentary. Flight range was always limited and dramatic weather or wind avoided. October is the best period to shoot in Shangri-la; the weather is nice and still warm to bring smart amount of clothes. This way, a local camera operator with a limited bag can take care of all needs. Our drone setup was a Mavic Pro version 2, plenty of ND filters as you an imagine. A package of 5 batteries and cards. As footage safety is always our concern. We changed card for every flight we performed. The altitude was not so much a trouble for this little bird, but attention to all electric cables should be paid.
videographer Hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
We used the ClearSky monitor/controller with a specific 3D printed support. This way, it let the operator hand still able to control the touch screen in a very small form factor. The same charger can be used with the monitor and the drone, reducing also the total weight.  Asking us about our shooting gear rental options is a great way to reduce potential mistakes. We have been there since 2005 and know the place pretty well!

Drone flying at Shangri-la

The surrounding of this city are now a no flight zone, so we stays on tripod for the temple.
temple Hire our-local camera operator rent the shooting gear for your-TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan China
But despite this limited area, the Shangri-La, Yunan, landscape seems infinite and our little bird manage quite a lot there. It was the best way to spot vineyard as they are spread around the valley with no other access than the air. Looking at this picture, you can see the tiny green trees alignment on the left side.
movie hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
I was a bit worry about the lack of air and the need for specific propellers, but we actually always stayed above 3,000m so I did not feel that the Mavic pro 2 was not up to the task. The crystalSky monitor is a great addition and feels way more reliable than a phone. Battery wise, it can let you flight a full days with about 4 hours at full brightness!

Filming at high altitude

Shooting around 4,000 meters altitude could be way more tiring than you think. Every movement with an heavy bag start to be way more complicated. We usually suggest to arrive there at least one day prior to your shooting to acclimate a bit. Few people can feel very dizzy. Shangri-La, Yunan is not consider as high altitude, but within one hour drive,  you will reach 4,000 m high road where all change suddenly.
We love our job and get prepare for such. Experience matters and we can help you planing such trip there too.
The beauty of each landscape is breath taking and living nature is right around the corner. We will not hesitate to get the best of it for you.
looking for hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
We select our outfit as our camera to not be catch by sudden rain or windy conditions. On top of the world, everything can change very quickly. Hiring the shooting gear from us ensure a that we know how to use it there. IT’s mandatory to bring ND Filters and rain cover ! It’s honestly a remote province in China and even simple AAA battery is not easy to find.

Raw nature videography

Even if we are more often shooting office interviews in Hong Kong or Shanghai, we love going out and this video filming in Shangri-La was a real pleasure to meet local people and herd. This footage will perfectly illustrate local life there. Milking cow, harvesting vine; plenty of colorful picture that you will see on your TV soon.
cameraman hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
Even with limited filming equipment, all on a shoulder, you can get quickly ready to face whatever activity you will find around you. This Sony FS7 ENG specifically designed rig was perfect, you can rent it from us if you like. It uses a large camera battery with extra Dtap output to power a Zacuto EVF. The shoulder pad and arm extension, also from Zacuto helps to work perfectly stable. You can notice my elbow is static on my legs. The hand firmly controls the camera, the viewfinder is locked with my head. The shot is terrific and completely stable. We added a specific double plate on the top to add the Lavalier receivers to get  as compact as possible.

Getting the right camera operator means someone who know the danger of nature, slippery terrain or wet stones. We will never take too much risks. This is another great shot from the white foamy river that I got for this TV documentary.
Hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan china

Landscape time-lapse

With such a light shooting setup, it was easy to walk around and get plenty of natural landscape and details. I’m clearly found of this Sony lens for such adventure. As we where shooting full HD, the center scan feature was also a great way to add some zoom range.

cameraman our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary Shangri-La Yunnan rent
We recorded time-lapse video using the the internal time-lapse recording option of our FS7 to capture breathtaking footage. A small Sony DSLR body was also there to add more options on the editing.
sunset movie hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La Yunnan
Right before the sunrise… Early wake-ups are part of the work.

Watch it!

The 3 first minutes are available here. In French for sure!
Beautiful aerial to start with.

Contact us

For this shooting, we provided a local camera operator, speaking French and English and basic Mandarin. The spoken language here being more the Tibetan dialect. The shooting gear was a kit of 2 FS7 4K Sony camera, zoom lenses and Sound lavalier microphone. For the aerial part, a DJI Mavic pro 2 was with us.
Hire our local camera operator and rent the shooting gear for your TV documentary in Shangri-La,Yunnan by following this link (contact us!)

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Barclays Banking
Prompter, Elevator pitch
Camera operator with kit
Hongkong, Sept. 2018

Hongkong camera operator with kit including teleprompter system available for filming your elevator pitch.

Don’t stand for average; reach the best you can and hire our freelance camera operator with kit. He will come with his own 4K Sony FS7 Camera, plenty of light options, and a great sound kit to get the best of your team. Speaking in a concise and quick manner can be a hard exercise, so adding a teleprompter is a great idea. Even in this small setup, the camera operator can make it run as a one man band in HongKong.

teleprompter elevator pitch camera operator with kit Hongkong to hire
Nice view of Hongkong harbor from your office’s windows? So why not including it as a backdrop and stand out from others. Consider your elevator pitch done!


What is included in our camera operator with kit in Hongkong?

#One DoP (Director of Photography) / Cameraman / Videographer; as you prefer, English speaking.
#A 4K capable professional camera and lens supported by a fluid head pro tripod, all memory card and battery for an entire day.
#At least a 3 Lights interview setup, to be able to face all lighting ambiance with dual white balance possible
#Lavalier microphone and boom mic feeding a professional mixer before getting sent to the camera for recording
#The full transportation costs as well as pre-production and footage upload to our super fast world wide cloud servers (2TB capacity)
If you need more, we also have plenty of video packages for you.
Usually, with a simple videographer and gear, we need about 90mn to setup the right way and your interview can start right after. So you need to book a room as quiet as possible, as big as possible for 3 hours on your side. It’s will be great to received few picture of this room prior to our arrival to ensure we got the right lighting kit. We are also using latest communication app, so, it’s easy to reach us and send these over.
teleprompter elevator pitch camera operator with kit Hongkong freelancer on-demand

Why an optional teleprompter?

Our teleprompter, ( also simply called prompter ) can be either remote controlled by a second screen to make sure the speed is fine for you, or running on its own for simple text. It can be put on the side of the lens or, like here, in front of our camera rig. This way; you are looking straight to your audience and your elevator pitch will have better impact. We can display Cantonese or Mandarin characters, so you can even present yourself in the language you are comfortable with. The size of the screen fits our suitcase and so, travel all over Asia. It’s important for you to get the same crew for your different offices. Our camera operator with kit can bring all along with him, traveling by plane or train.

Feel free to ask a quote for our camera operator with kit on your next video project; either in Hong Kong or Huizhou 😉

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Laserlight Core
Kickstarter campaign
Videographer to hire
Shenzhen, Sept. 2018

Videographer to hire in Shenzhen for your kickstarter campaign.

After filming for banks and crypto-currency; creating a video for a Kickstarter campaign seems a natural evolution!
Shenzhen, Guangdong province, is located right next to Hong Kong, at the heart of the Pearl River Delta. It’s use to be where all the things in the world were built. It’s turning now to an innovative and creative area. DjI is surely the company everyone think about when thinking about Shenzhen, but plenty of others smaller production facilities are there. From dental to LED, the free trade zone is a playground for us!
If you have a Kickstarter project; you can be sure that Shenzhen will be the place to get it done. All surrounding, from Bao’an district to Guanggzhou, Dongguan or Foshan are just an succession of factories.
Training Video, user manual video, corporate presentation, factory visit are just a few of the other services we can offer to you.  We will adapt our videographer gear kit to fit your needs.

Videographer starter package:

It includes all you need for b-roll (footage without specific sound).
It’s perfect to follow a production process or illustration of a factory in Shenzhen. The camera operator will be focusing on gathering quickly what is happening. Also called guerrilla shooting, he will have a wide to long cine zoom to avoid changing lens too often. Perfect choice if your environment is a bit dusty or very large to cover. This is our most request package when we are sent to a factory, filming heavy machinery and robots. Safety and experience is the added value hiring our video crew.

Videographer interview package:

Choose the one man ban crew if you need to add interview to your B-roll. Coming to you facility in Shenzhen with an extra sound pack (Lavalier microphone, boom and audio mixer), our videographer to hire will spend a bit more time to get your team explaining the process and presenting themselves. We also add few extra prime lenses to make sure you get a great looking video. And finally, a lighting kit is part of the trip.

Kickstarter campaign often looks cheap and unprofessional, which can be explain as most of project manager have no experience there. That’s the perfect profile for us as we can guide you in this process and provide you a film you will be proud of. Make no mistakes, the video will be a decisive marker for your backers.

kickstarter campaign videographer to hire shenzhen on demandHere we are shooting in Shenzhen with a macro lens the laser engraving process. Even if the overall factory seems not so appealing to you, we have plenty of tools and ideas to enhance this. We also shoot these in slow motion to get even a more specific look and option for your editor. Your videography project campaign matters to us.
On this project, the goal was set at 50,000 USD and was pledged for about 3 time this! Clearly a great success and we are proud for being part of it.
You can also add few items to these package as a gimbal setup for better and nice looking shot. With the same idea, we can include a second video camera for a better interview setup.

Photography in Shenzhen?

Our Dop is also a photographer, so he can bring a more standard DSLR  or mirrorless camera to get other content for your communication. At the end of the day, you will have nice video footage and plenty of picture to put online. We will upload from our office in Hong Kong to bypass the internet limitation in China and let you download from anywhere in the world. As simple as this!
Of course, if you don’t need videography services, but just photography in shenzhen, this is something we do too. Bringing this time some wireless flashes as well and plenty of photo lenses.

Yes, we need to plan a bit in advance how the day will be spend and this is what we have been doing for the last past 15 years.

Feel free to contact us to get a cost idea. We will be happy to be part of your new adventure in Shenzhen. Book our videographer now!
kickstarter campaign videographer to hire shenzhen

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kameramann, fotograaf
Production line filming
Wuxi, Sep 2018

Kameramann ? Fotograaf ? Filming a production line in Wuxi, China?

Our German is very limited, but will be happy to serve you in Wuxi, China, as well. For this last project, we provided a Cameraman and sound tech [Kameramann und Audiotechniker] to cope with client’s demand. He booked us with a simple request on the contact page and got his footage available online the following day! Ja, wir machen!
The project was in Wuxi, so we came from Shanghai with a early morning train. It’s a simple ride for our film crew and was a pleasure to meet our client directly there to get filming started on time. The factory producing phone enclosure for almost all brands.

We spend half the day on the interview and move to the production part to get clean industrial footage to illustrate their speech. Travel back to Shanghai at the end of the day and upload the video footage immediately from there.

Wuxi china fotograaf kameramann cameraman book online sondier hire
Our FS7 4K capable camera and 2 x flexi LED panels to get the right lighting. Our sound tech [Audiotechniker] uses a Sound Devices mixer to feed the camera [Kamera]. A boom mic can be seen on top with a static tripod to get dual recording and option for you to choose. We use prime lenses on your video camera to offer you also a nice dual angle footage. This will speed up your editing process for sure.

Wuxi china fotograaf kameramann cameraman book online sondier


Our assignment was the plastic injection team and production lines for a soon to be released phone.  Plenty of amazing footage can be gathered in this facility and we hope to be back soon for more. Even a simple day with a photograph [Fotograaf] can be ordered online to fit website and communication. We also have flat rate for a freelancer doing one to one interview only in Wuxi.

Wuxi china fotograaf kameramann cameraman book online local sondier

We have local team of [Kameramann : Ja /Audiotechniker: Ja / Fotograaf: Ja] available for you. All English speaker, all based in China. Contact us for your next corporate and industrial project in China. It’s simple, easy! As you can see, a day is plenty of time to get interviews and B-Roll done.

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Sport News Channel
freelance videographer
video presentation
Guangzhou, Sep. 2018

Where do I find a freelance videographer in Guangzhou  for a video presentation?

Well, if you are looking for a talented freelance videographer in Guangzhou; you are just at the right place. Living not too far from Guangzhou, we are just a train away from this city. Even if you just need few minutes on video, we will travel there and get a small and light setup to get your video presentation done. It’s always great to let someone with plenty of experience and relax knowing the filming will go as expected. The second great advantage is to get the latest camera and professional equipment available for the price of a very decent package price. Your raw footage will be available online few hours only after the shoot; just the time to be back. If you also need some editing or different format for your export; we can obviously also serve you.

Feel free to check my portfolio and see what past clients says about me. As you can see, location in China is not that important to me when it comes to do something I like. Travelling is part of the plan in this business.

Being a freelance videographer in Guangzhou is not so easy and you need the right working visa. You could be part of a lot of trouble going with cheaper and not so legitimate crew. I value the country I’m living in and working in a legal manner is also my priority.

Guangzhou is one city who can gives you plenty of great outside colorful buildings with LED easy to capture. A nice addition to your Video presentation to get a taste of where we are.

Affordable service: check
Overseas payment service: check
Talented operator: check
Legal company: check
High end gear: check
Fast and efficient communication: check
Contact me!


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Commercial filming
Recruitment Video
One-man-band with two cameras
Shanghai, Sep. 2018

Looking for One-man-band with two cameras for your Commercial filming of Recruitment Video in Shanghai?

Far is the time where such Commercial filming was done only by a minimum of 5 person crew. With advanced camera technology and size reduction; it’s now possible to get all one with a One-man-band with two cameras, reducing cost and management. For this Recruitment Video, I brought my two Sony’s FS7, preview monitors, ND cloth filter and plenty of light to get even a thru windows kind of shot. With only one room available and 8 people to film, you need to get the right video gear to save time and energy. Focusing on the final Recruitment Video brief I received and make this Commercial filming a success.


Nice lighted background when facing the sun on a Recruitment Video ?

I have to put a double scrim fabric in order to balance the sun coming from outside of the room. This product is a bit of magic as it enable you to loose some light without the hassle of bringing a roll of ND filter. It’s also easier to clamp on a light stand as a one-man-band with no one to helps. The last advantage is that it avoid the possible windows reflections.
The only downside is that you need to get the background blurred. But stay away from large aperture if you still want to get a view of the building on the back. With large sensor as the one inside a Sony FS7, it’s easy to get a even surface so blur that we can’t even understand what is actually behind your subject.
The one I used is from Westcott. The name is Scrim Jim Cine Double Net Fabric (8 x 8′). It fits any bag.

Using flexible LED panel for the size when you carry it as a One-man-band with two cameras was not a bad idea!
Recruitment Video is a very important filming project and it should reflect your company high profile. Don’t miss this opportunity with a low end looks. We have been doing Commercial filming in Shanghai since 2005. Make no mistakes when choosing the crew for this assignment.
Shanghai-Recruitment-Video-One-man-band-with-two-cameras-Commercial filming
Another important part of our job is too make sure the interviewees are comfortable in front of my camera. Plenty of explanation and smiles are part of the camera operator job.

How do you record audio on a Commercial filming ?

On the sound part, we use usually one lavalier microphone on the interviewee and one boom mic on top. This way we have both option to mix a bit of each. The Lavalier mic can be subject to placement depending on the interviewee. The Boom microphone is safer but can catch unwanted room ambiance sound. Always turning off the air conditioning if possible. And if it’s not possible, it’s very important to check where the sound will be the strongest to get your filming in another location. I always agree that a bad picture with a clear sound will do better than a inaudible voice on a clear picture. With us, you will be assure to get the best of both for your recruitment video.
Of course, both audio channels will be first sent to our sound mixer before reaching the camera. This way, you enjoy the nice Sound-Devices pre-amplifier instead of the camera one’s. All this equipment can also be rented directly if you like, from Shanghai to Hong Kong.
We usually goes for the Sennheiser MKH 416 and a wired lavalier COS-11D lavalier to avoid trouble with batteries or electronic interference. A spare Sennheiser G3 with the nice MK2 lavalier upgrade is part of basic kit if we need to film some action or a full body video interview.

And if you wonder why so much of “One-man-band with two cameras“, “Commercial filming” and “Recruitment Video” wording in this page? You can have a look here! 

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Beckman Coulter
On-site Green screen
videographer, sound tech
Suzhou, July. 2018

Looking for a on-site Green screen backdrop, videographer and sound tech in Suzhou? and Shanghai

Check out our 5 Days video shooting, in Shanghai and Suzhou, China, for BeckmanCoulter. Our on-site green screen setup and a simple and efficient videographer and sound tech crew to hire are ready for you. You can hire our Suzhou sound tech alone to support your team and get a videographer in Suzhou too for a complete package.

And similar setup at 150 Km away, moving from Shanghai to Suzhou like a breeze. When you are looking for constant quality for your final edited video corporate. Small details matters and hiding the lavalier microphone always part of the deal.
Our on-site screen green backdrop can fit any train or van. This was part 3 of our green screen and training video project.
Our Suzhou sound tech also helped speed up setting time as a grip when needed. A versatile crew means time and money saved on your side.  So when you are lookign for a Videographer in Suzhou, give us a call, we are not far away.
Say no to so-so results with DSLR and go for the right crew with the big guns and experience; it matters it at the end!

Filming a corporate video means a lot of B-roll to gather, our videographer in Suzhou enjoying the nice looking medical equipment and team.
Being creative in an office for the hundred time to make sure your video footage stand out is the job of our videographer in Shuzhou.
Always keeping an eye on safety when checking audio level. Our Suzhou sound tech is also a great grip to support a smooth shooting. These facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou were amazing to film. So many technical equipment and nice offices helps us getting great pictures.

Setting up few small scenes at the shanghai client’s office to get more footage than expected. Thanks all of you for your kind support.

You like what you see on the preview monitor of my videographer in Suzhou ? Feel free to call us for your next corporate shooting wherever it is, from Huizhou to Xian!
That was the last video shooting before our annual leave, both cameraman and audio guy are now up for a nice rest! See you next time.

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Ernest and Young
Prompter, Interview
Three person film crew
Hong Kong, July. 2018

Three person film crew with prompter to hire in Hong Kong

Are you looking for a film crew crew to hire in Hong Kong ? Our three person package add a prompter option on top of camera set and light kit; so 3 person will be coming to interview your attendee. One sound tech, one cameraman and one prompter operator fluent on the desired language working together to speed up the filming. Don’t forget that we are based also in Shanghai if you need the same service in Mainland China too.

Ernest and Young: an office with a view for this early crew call on a fast changing weather. A great looking morning to starts with.
hire prompter for interview. three-person film crew in Hong Kong and china

Another day, with a returning customer from an america based production house. Thanks again for the local team which is always helpful with each of our request.

Our three person crew in Hong Kong

Our Sony FS7 one more time used in front of windows for a dedicated look requested by the customers,. We used a fast lenses for super shallow deep of field effect. Feel free to contact us for your next Hong Kong video project as we have 4K camera and English speaking team with internet high speed cloud hosting ready for you. You can completely remotely order your shooting. We can share in real time our framing and video feedback. A great way to get cost and time saved!

hire three-person film crew for interview. prompter in Hong Kong and chinaHere is a frame grab of our cameras. Our client specifically asked for a this city faded effect on the background as his final movie features many different video footage gathered all over the world.

hire three-person film crew for interview. prompter in Hong Kong and China.jpg

Looking to get a prompter operator for a perfect focused and fast filming?

As the weather was playing with us, it was a relief to get this recorded in few minute only. Out operator remotely controls the speed with a dual screen setup. This way, we have a perfect control on adjusting reading to a more natural way.
hire prompter for interview. three person film crew in China and Hong Kong

Want to know more about hiring a prompter operator in China?

If you are interested by such service, feel free to contact us for a free quote!  Shanghai and Hong Kong  based production house: Visionrouge covers a very large part of Asia. We also have a single package with our camera operator with kit.
Feel free to hire our prompter on our rental page.  A semi transparent glass provided helps getting a direct look at the lens style.

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Belt and Road Summit
Gimbal operator, videographer
Hong Kong, June. 2018

Hire our Gimbal operator and videographer based in Hong Kong for your event coverage.

Go big or go home with one of the largest summit in Hong Kong this year: Belt and Road Summit 2018.
For the 3rd edition, the room was packed and politics were present too. We are a video production company based in Hong Kong. VisionrRouge can offer you videographer on-demand who can switch to a gimbal operator when request. This way, we will make sure that you have the best event coverage possible.
a great way to test our new Gimbal setup.
We can switch from Gimbal operator…
Belt and Road Summit 2018 event coverage Hire Gimbal operator and videographer based in Hong Kong
…to a videographer setup for interview, and in less than a minutes. Guests interview done with a 3 cameras studio setup.
Belt and Road Summit based in Hong Kong videographer to hire gimbal operator for event coverage
The Top handle goes from the gimbal to the camera with a simple NATO rail.
And we simply add a preview monitor for focus assist.
event coverage Belt and Road Summit our videographer to hire can do gimbal operator
So, if you are interested by such service, feel free to contact us!

This gimbal setup fit’s in a bag, therefore, we can also get working for any event coverage all over China. We have other package to cover corporate fairs in Shanghai.
Belt and Road Summit 2018 Hire Gimbal operator and videographer based in Hong Kong

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Green screen backdrop
TelePrompter operator
Three person film crew
Shanghai, May 2018

Looking for a TelePrompter operator or/and on site Green screen backdrop setup for your next corporate video in Shanghai?

Sometime, it’s easier to get it done on site could have been the title of our assignment. Our client was looking for setting up a green screen backdrop with employees reading their cue in front of a prompter. We came with our teleprompter operator and fold-able large green screen backdrop. After light it up in no time we were ready to shoot. This video piece will take part in a larger corporate movie. We filmed these in Shanghai and Suzhou until July.

We just need a room as big and quiet, a few time to setup and we are ready to roll. In this setup, we even brought a second camera to follow the power point presentation.
Our Flexi led panels were perfect to light in a very even way the backdrop The footage out of the FS7 is simply stunning with a 12 bit recording.

Our TelePrompter operator also helped to ease the stressed interviewee. It’s always a good thing to see an extra crew member jumping to help the pace of the day. Our experimented video team is versatile enough to face all little trouble a corporate video in Shanghai could face.

Contact us for your next corporate video in Shanghai or Nanjing. All our gear fits a train to travel anywhere you need us to be. Your corporate image matters to us. We have package fitting your needs at really decent price.


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Cryptocurrency TV
One man band crew
Half day testimonial
Hong Kong, May. 2018

One man band crew to film a half day cryptocurency testimonial for a TV show.

Cryptocurrency is the new money and people need more testimonial to understand how this is working. TV shows and web blogs are now dedicated to inform general audience on the new possibilities. A One man band crew package can even be hired on a half day based if you just need few sentence for your audience.
film testimonial cryptocurrency film one man band crew to hire corporate office
A lot can be achieve, even with only a one man band, even in a half day! We managed to film 3 interviews/testimonial in 2 different locations, packing all the gear and walking to the next building.

one man band crew half day cryptocurrency tv show film testimonial

When you just need few testimonial about cryptocurrency, this is the crew to call. And if you need more, we also can have a 3 person crew with a prompter to hire.

Working for a TV Show or for corporate interview is our daily routine. A simple light setup but still professional to gather the best audio and picture for you. The one man band includes 3 led light panels setup, lavalier and boom microphones feeding a mixer and a 4 K capable video camera with super nice cine look optics.
one man band crew film testimonial half day cryptocurrency tv show hong kong
You footage will be available few hours after the recording and accessible wherever you are located in the world.
Bring a movie to your TV show audience! The final result worth it. Cryptocurrency could look scary at first; the quality of our footage will shows how serious you are in this business.
one man band crew film testimonial half day cryptocurrency tv show Wuhan

Contact your next Tv/film one man band crew, either to film a research laboratory in Hangzhou or an opening ceremony in Wuhan.

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E-Max / Fat Shark
Camera op, gear
Shenzhen, May 2018

Your project required a talented Shenzhen videographer?

Planning a shooting in a complicated country like China can be easy. What if you could find a Shenzhen Videographer with the gear you need directly ?
Well, here we are!
The request was to rent in Shenzhen Sony F55 package, latest firmware tested, lenses, sound gear, tripod light; the full package, even the cameraman should be provided to limit visa request and transportation
Filming various location in China, even public electronic market in Shenzhen with such beast (Sony F55) is always a challenge.
Drone race track with video interview of the young winner in Shenzhen championship. Our Shenzhen videographer managed it all.
And of course, filming factories where half of the world is produce is part of our daily routine.

We love our job and providing you great footage is what pushing us. Make no mistakes when choosing your Shenzhen videographer and pick up the one with proved experience talent.
Looking forward to serve you on your next project even in Shanghai or Hefei !

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Medical equipment
Product presentation
Training video
Shanghai, May 2018

Looking for a china based video crew for your next product presentation or training video?

Since 2005, we have been providing video service for such training video and product presentation, experience matters ! In Shanghai, China; it was a mix of green screen shooting on location to add to the power point some life. Real filming in front of the actual medical equipment was done later. A prompter was added to help smooth the long presentation text and making sure nothing was forgotten. On top of these, a specific software captured the mouse moves and screen display for a perfect sync between the action and final product presentation.
Such training video helps your staff getting familiar with equipment you can’t move from your laboratory. This is one day job, but can surely save you a lot of time with your team learning curve. We know your staff are not familiar with such filming experience but we are also here to help.


We are setting up a on site green backdrop system as a standard procedure. As soon as we have a large and quiet room, we can make this happen. We are based in Shanghai, China, but obviously can carry this setup anywhere you need us to be, even in Hong Kong.

The client also requested few b-roll of their Shanghai office to add to the training video final movie. In one day, he now have plenty of footage to get something standing out compare to a simple power point video. for sure, it will attract more audience on this product presentation film.

Contact us for a quote! It’s one click away!

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Citi Bank
Corporate film
Cine crew and gear
Hong Kong, April 2018

All the Cine crew and gear you can dream of available to hire in Hong Kong for you next corporate film!

When your project on a foreign country looks scary; we are here to support you. Full English staffed crew, triple checked gear and smart attitude from our cine crew and gear!
Cine prime: checked
Camera: checked
Wireless video transmitter: checked
Wireless follow focus: checked
Gimbal: checked
Dop: checked
assistant: checked
Camera operator: checked
Van: checked
HMI light kit: checked

As pictures means more than a long text, here is a bts of these 2 days for Citi bank in Hong Kong.

Yes, I know a Ronin 2 would have been nice, but if a smaller one is available and working, let’s do it!


Great office for each scene, great lighting and ready to roll. HMI package was very helpful on such big space.

And going outside with such sky to get Hong Kong’s busy street filmed.

Or just for a “simple interview?”

The amount of gear is just the thing you want us to take care. Come with your laptop and brief, we do the hard work!

Wireless follow focus and dual preview with director monitor, simple and efficient team at your service.

So, for your next corporate film around China, feel free to contact us, we have the cine crew and gear you may need; hassle free.

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VF Corporation
3 person crew, Photographer
Corporate report
Hong Kong, April 2018

Are you looking for a corporate photographer or a three man video crew? Both?

Returning customer VF brands contacted us again to get this time a corporate photographer in there Hong Kong office on top of our three man video crew. The idea was at first to get BTS picture, but it turn out we had to do plenty of corporate office mood picture for their social media and stock images. As usual, flexibility is our credo and we delivered even more than requested on this two day project.
When the sky is with you, the harbor view is the one to go for. With our slider and fixed camera, all Sony FS7, our
three man video crew was the perfect choice for the day. We manage plenty of interview with different backdrop the first day. Our corporate photographer went scooting their superb office for picture each of their brands.

The second day was dedicated to an on-site white backdrop setup and prompter for another row of interviews.
Feel free to contact us for your next project in South China, we have package from one man band to something like this three man video crew for you.

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Video recording
Cinematographer DoP to hire
Shanghai Pudong, Apr. 2018

Hire our cinematographer DoP in Shanghai Pudong for your next video recording

In need for just a day video recording service in Shanghai Pudong financial district? You are at the right place.
Equipped with the latest 4K capable camera (Sony FS7) and even a electronic gimbal system (Ronin M) added to the pack, our cinematographer Dop is ready to spend a day at your office. He will upload right away the footage to let you access worldwide only few hours later on our secured cloud storage.
Hire our cinematographer Dop in Shanghai Pudong for your next video recording

No office is too small and the rotating Zacuto arm was a blessing for our cinematographer Dop to get the camera in very tight space.

Hire on demand cinematographer Dop in Shanghai Pudong for your next video recording
We have been tweaking our gear to get the best possible video recording.
looking for cinematographer Dop in Shanghai Pudong for your next video recording
This is our smallest version of EVF!

I added few outside shots too, but the typical pollution sky in Shanghai Pudong kept me for doing more. It’s great to spend some time checking few facts about video in China before planning outdoor shots.

hire your next cinematographer Dop in Shanghai Pudong:

Please fill our contact form bellow.

Or Email us directly:
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