• Hong Kong time-lapse

    As simple as it gets; Stand alone battery powered photography time-lapse module.
    Fix it and forget it: This is the simplest way to gather pictures of a construction process. The internal battery will last more than 2 months. There are different picture sequence presets available; from every 5mn to every hour. You can adjust picture frequency…

  • Time lapse controller review: BixiCon Vs DigiSnap Pro

    Long Time lapse controllers review: BixiCon VS DigiSnap Pro After many years in the photography business, I came across a new possible open time lapse control system with Bixion. My current system being Digisnap Pro from Harbortronics. I have removed all the offers forcing you to rent their servers and offering a complete and rigid…
  • Time-lapse photography and video service in China

    Video & Photography Time-lapse services in China/HK.
    Over the years, Vision Rouge has been providing time-lapse photography and video services for many different clients with dedicated setup according to specifics requirements.

    We have In-house customized solutions to monthly rent but can also design specifically housing for your construction project. Our offer goes covers a simple GoPro camera…