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Shooting in China

  Here are few facts to help you choosing the right team and gear when planing a video or photography project in China mainland or Hong Kong SAR.

Why not hiring a freelancer?
  Freelancing is not allowed in China, period.
  Hiring someone doing something illegal is clearly a bad idea to start with. You may end with your shooter getting controlled and the filming canceled. Even worst, his visa may be revoked if they found out that he was working on providing filming services for oversea TV.
  The second issue is the lack of reliable rental house where a single operator will have to go and pick up the camera at the last minute. There are way too many stories where the cameraman got promises but the rental house cancel at last minute to serve larger client. Service level is far from what you may expect.
   Our advice is to ask the business licence of the company you want to work with and check the working permit of the crew members. If your chosen production company find excuses to not provide these: walk away.
  Working with us ensure that the crew will know the equipment as we own it. There is no last minute surprise where you feel trapped and have to pay extra to get another unit more expensive (classic excuses). It’s a lot of trouble and final price may be the same than working with a registered company as we are. All is clear from the beginning: price include a full service package from A to Z.
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Why not simply bringing the all gear with me?
  Even with the right paperwork, you may face a very bad surprise landing in China. Don’t forget that any shooting may look suspicious in a country where communication is controlled. I have countless example where the full ear kit got confiscated on arrival and the crew had to pay a second time to rent over the filming equipment, looking for decent suppliers on the last minute.
  Don’t take risks, contact us prior to your shooting to see what we can help you with. With have a large selection of 4K camera, from Sony to Panasonic and Canon and plenty of lenses and light.
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What about wireless system and regulation?
  Wireless system as the one on your lavalier microphone will need to use different frequencies in China. Frequencies allocation are different and you should not use others than the one allowed. Be aware that authorities have a large panel of tracking systems especially if you are planing to use it at a fair.
  Renting your wireless system in China makes complete sens to avoid fine and getting your gear confiscated. Using forbidden frequencies will also jammed your signal and make your system useless. Check on our audio section to find the right lavalier and wirless system at the right price.
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And the GPS on my UAV?
  Bringing your drone is not recommended for the same frequencies reasons: first, the wireless 2.4 allocation channel are specific to China. Second the GPS system suffer from a shift when using google map and most of foreign based map services. You will end doing something very dangerous and renting locally our drone system is way safer.
  The second big issue it drone registration process that you have to comply with and a mark on your drone should be visible with the registration number.
Our drone have been registered and use frequencies allowed in mainland China.
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How to pay us ?
  You will always heard that you should bring a lot of cash when going in China to cover all unexpected surprises. Working with Visionrouge will makes all easier as we have accounting based in Hong Kong as well working with any foreign currencies. We also have Paypal, Alipay or Wechat pay account to let you even used your credit card. Of course, you can also use local HKD or Rmb and get a fapiao and the new VAT invoice for local mainland business.
Contact us for more details and see how you can start saving money right now!
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Can I drive in China with my international licence ?
  No, China do not allow any country citizen to do this. Renting a van with a driver is the way to go as parking are also very expensive.
  If your shooting is a bit far away from downtown, a van can provide you a nice way to get to your shooting location and package price is quite limited.
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How bad is the pollution ?
  Winter time are not the best one to get a nice blue sky and if your shooting involve a lot of aerial view and large city landscape, I strongly suggest to add few “weather days” even if the the weather seems fine. Pollution is not something you can get away with a filter. Windy days or rainy day will actually push the dust and the days following a typhoon as always the best to get amazing clouds!
  In a healthy point of view, I can only recommend to come with mask and wear them as much as possible if you are sensitive to this issue.
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I do hope these few elements will help you choosing the right team and gear for shooting in China and Hong Kong. Of course we are offering a full package with one-man-band, 2 person crew, or even more to let you also save on the travel expenses. We are working on assignment all the time and having foreign staffed professional helps understand your reference when we will be shooting for you.
Let us know if you have extra questions.

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