Work reference, demo reel, video showcase

Client’s video sample of our past shooting in China

Vision Rouge is shooting a lot on assignments in China.
You can find here the final projects directly from our client’s websites to respect their privacy and work.
These past video shooting in China have been edited overseas.
We are always delivering copyright free footage, without restriction on usage or location.
These movies represent our work as image/stock footage/b-roll provider.

When you need corporate content for your marketing team.

Shooting in China for Television, documentary, business report.

Year: 2018
Location: Hefei, China
Service provided: Camera operator, Video gear rental, 360 VR, Arial platform and pilot, Gimbal…

Year: 2019
Location: Shenyang, China
Service provided: Camera operator, Photographer

Year: 2017
Location: Shanghai, China
Service provided: Camera operator DoP for factory B-Roll
Context: Gino 40 Years Video, Starting at 3.45 for the Shanghai footage.
Video editing done by client in Germany.

Year: 2017
Location: Shanghai, China
Service provided: Camera operator DoP for University professor interview and Laboratory B-Roll
Context: CNBC Using innovation to transform oil film, Starting at 4.08 for the lab footage.
Video editing done by client in UK.

Broadcast your best Company achievement with a Video

Industrial Product / Process presentation

Year: 2014
Location: Nantong and Shanghai, China
Service provided: Camera operator DoP, Time-lapse camera, Aerial platform during 7 days
Context: Fracht biggest move video to present the journey of a chemical furnace built in China shipped to the other side of the world.
Video editing done by client in the US.
Moving a 700 tons furnace to a Vessel bound to the USA? twice? ? It’s not a problem for Fracht. Check this video for our time-lapse and drone capabilities.
Shooting in China large vessels loading and construction time-lapse is part of our daily routine!

3 Locations to shoot in China in one week? interview and Factory B-Roll, Contact  us if you like this movie.

Lukstudio timelapse construction video, 2016

Despite the crazy weather on this project for our client LukStudio manage to get it done and our time-lapse enclosure survived the typhoon. Better ready and give your next shooting in China project to the one who deliver.


Qualcomm 5G summit 2018.

Victoria Secret 2018.

– Beijing AutoShow, Renault Booth, 2015

– Shanghai Expo Opening ceremony, For Eca2 (all footage from us except CCTV from the air), 2010

-Fete De La Musique Shanghai, 2012

-Beijing AutoShow, Renault Talisman presentation, 2012

Store/Factory Presentation

Qoros Hatch Behind the Scene, (Shooting/editing by VisionRouge)


Homes Up


Alstom Wuhan ( Shooting and editing / motion graphics done by Vision Rouge)

Aerial Demo

Indoor flight/Client footage