How and when to process payment for my gear?

Like you will do for an hotel or flight booking, we will ask to process the full payment in order to secure your booking.
Of course we are flexible and feel free to contact us if you think you need another option on your side.
This deposit is refundable in case you cancel your rental, but only 48h prior to your pick up to be fair with other customers.

You can pay us in almost any currency in many ways.
-> Using Paypal account in Euros, USD, HKS, …
-> Using your Credit Card (Payal interface, you don’t need a Paypal Account)
-> By wire transfer with Chinese Local bank in RMB (ICBC) or International wire (HSBC HK) in Euros, USD, HKS, …
-> In cash (mostly on pick up day with Chinese local currency)

The best is always to use the website and send you pre-booking order to first check if the gear is available during your desired days and see how we can have the payment done after this step.

Let us know your desired method and we will provide you the right bank details for you.


Can you ship the camera to my shooting location ?

Yes, we can depending of the item and your location. Usually, all China mainland is possible, a bit more complicated for Hong Kong or Taiwan and quite impossible for others, please contact us and let us know your location in advance as some item need to be shipped by road only.

How can I get a discount ?

If you are able to pay your rental 4 days prior to the pick up day, we are happy to offer you an early bird discount; a 10 % off on the pre-paid items. This is, of course non refundable if your shooting get cancel or shifted to another day.
You can also book the gear you are pretty sure about and pre-paid it, and add later extra items if you are missing something.

We are also kind to support your project if it makes this world better, just drop us an email if you have a special project.


WHICH documents should you provide ?

We usually request a proof of insurance from your side,
If not, you passport or one from another of your team member also fine. We will keep it for the duration of your rental.
We can also discuss a cash deposit if you can’t leave your passport in our safe. Let’s try to see the best way to get this working!

Of course, If you are a company, business licence stamped and contract will just do fine.

Feel free to contact us for any extra information