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No sub-contractor; this is us.
From Shanghai or Hong Kong, our local crews have been providing video and photography productions services all over Asia since 2005. We have in-house experienced team members as well as the gear to get all done with one unique provider.
From the mood board to a final web export;, we will help your film or photography project get online.
Offering gear rental business services also helped us know more about local market demands in China.
We adapted our offer and met plenty of potential skilled filming crew members. It makes it very easy to gather the extra crew members you may need on specific projects.
As a corporate oriented business first; we are used to filming on assignment.

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We offer a wide range of technical and aesthetic solutions for all kinds of video projects. As a video production facility, we work directly with clients or through agencies. We use our expertise to transform your brief into an original video concept. We can also provide you just a freelance cameraman or sound tech to complete your crew depending on your project. Nothing too big, nothing too small. If it’s not easy, call us! We like challenges.

Film and Video projects… ▷


Every picture service request is unique. It requires specific techniques and style. Depending on your exact needs; We will allocate our best photographer specialized in them. Instant print for an event? Corporate shooting in a factory? Specific time-lapse system design? Aerial UAV shooting? Product presentation at your facility? We got you covered! Experience matters; You can check our impressive portfolio and feel at ease on the shooting day.

Photography services... ▷


After almost 18 years filming in China, we have now a complete set of equipment ready for your next video or photography project. We have a warehouse based in Shanghai and a second one in Hong Kong.
We can also ship to any city in China. From a single video tripod to a large Sony F55 camera; we got you covered.

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Whether you need a new lighting concept for your exhibition space, your restaurant, your school show, a specific event, a fashion show, or a concert; We will design for you the most suitable installation. Our team can work just as adviser or install it for you. We even have been giving lighting classes.
Lighting is part of the magic behind your pictures and videos.

Lighting design... ▷
It’s big, it’s sensitive, it’s complicated

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