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  • Canon R5 overheating hack. [SOLVED]

    Canon R5 overheating hack. [SOLVED]
    Time is everything, I was actually writing about all the findings that you could find online on the infamous Canon R5 overheating and the possible hack.
    By doing so, something becomes obvious that the camera had some hole in the booting sequence when you are using the…

  • [Fixed] Digipass battery replacement.

    Digipass battery replacement [FIXED]
    Please carefully follow these easy steps to successfully operate a Digipass battery replacement.
    My 3.3V cell token dongle provided from HSBC needs to be replaced. Even if I only use it twice a month during the past 2 years and for about 20 seconds; it already displays the…

  • Canon R5 Overheating issue [FIXED] : SLFA-R5

    [FIXED] Canon R5 Overheating issue : SLFA-R5
    The Canon EOS R5 and R6 have just been announced and many video bloggers noticed a quite stunning limitation on the recording capabilities when reading Canon announcement.
    Even in a 4K 30p, at a low room temperature of 23 degree Celsius; the camera should overheat…

  • [DIY] Built a grow/bloom plant time-lapse photo studio

    [DIY]Create your studio to film grow and bloom plant time-lapse video
    How a simple and cheap shutter remote controller for your photo camera can pilot a full studio lighting with few external component?
    How can we achieve a day/night sequence as well as getting a nice growing + blooming plant time-lapse?
    What kind…

  • Hack camera intervalometer adding 2 relay outputs

    Output Two relays from camera intervalometer with a simple hack
    There is many occasion where you need a simple timer; something easy to program (and re-program) with clear view of the sequence running.
    My idea is to use an existing camera intervalometer (Shutter release control) and connect it to a relay board…