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  • Canon R5 Overheating issue [FIXED] : SLFA-R5

    [FIXED] Canon R5 Overheating issue : SLFA-R5
    The Canon EOS R5 and R6 have just been announced and many video bloggers noticed a quite stunning limitation on the recording capabilities when reading Canon announcement.
    Even in a 4K 30p, at a low room temperature of 23 degree Celsius; the camera should overheat…

  • [DIY] Built a grow/bloom plant time-lapse photo studio

    [DIY]Create your studio to film grow and bloom plant time-lapse video
    How a simple and cheap shutter remote controller for your photo camera can pilot a full studio lighting with few external component?
    How can we achieve a day/night sequence as well as getting a nice growing + blooming plant time-lapse?
    What kind…

  • Hack camera intervalometer adding 2 relay outputs

    Output Two relays from camera intervalometer with a simple hack
    There is many occasion where you need a simple timer; something easy to program (and re-program) with clear view of the sequence running.
    My idea is to use an existing camera intervalometer (Shutter release control) and connect it to a relay board…

  • Compare Sony FX9 versus FS7mk2 vs C300 mk3 and C500mk2.

    Comparing Sony FX9 vs FS7mk2 vs C300 mk3 vs C500mk2. We are all wondering what would be the next camera to buy. It’s time to compare Sony FX9 versus FS7mk2 vs C300 mk3 and C500mk2. I wrote this blog entry following a post on social media looking like this: What do you think of the…
  • Repair H98 error, Panasonic NN-894s, 2M261-M36 magnetron : FIXED

    Repair H98 error on Panasonic NN-894s with 2M261-M36 magnetron : FIXED Don’t move just yet, you are still in a video production website! I’m describing the different steps on fixing a NN-894s combi oven displaying the common H98 error by replacing the power board and 2M261-M36 magnetron. Reading this post will help any of your…