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  • Zhiyun Molus G60 lightweight powerful LED 60 W spot light

    🚧 I would like to clarify because it’s not very clear but that the ZhiYun Molus G60 does not have a battery and therefore must be constantly powered to function. It’s quite obvious ZhiYun couldn’t  have added batteries with such a lightweight and small size lighting fixture.

    ✅ This is also…

  • Review of the Best precision Screwdriver set!

    My Review of the best precision Screwdriver set available so far.
    Read below to find the ultimate precision screwdrivers set when it comes to opening something tiny. I did not get money for this review and paid for it by myself. But sometimes, something is too great not to be shared.

  • DIY rainwater collector upgrade

    GREAT DIY rainwater collector UPGRADE
    You can find many diverter on any DIY store, online or even as second hand as some people get it as a kit with their rainwater tanks. These rainwater diverters are doing a great job considering their price, but I wanted to upgrade to collect even…

  • How to create nice Landscape Time Lapse movie: Our tips.

    Our tips to create a landscape Time Lapse movie.
    I’m sharing here tips to create a landscape indoor Time Lapse movie.
    These basic advice helps to start recording landscapes video when you are within the building and outdoors is out of reach. With such a small kit, you can carry it with…