Light and sound designer in Shanghai

Whether you need a light and/or sound designer for your exhibition space , your restaurant a specific event, a fashion show, or a concert Vision Rouge will design for you the most suitable installation.

Our best reference is the award winning Ultra Violet Restaurant, of course, but we have also been working with great venues as Mister and miss Bund, conferences and art galleries where we provided everything, from stage design to providing the video crew. More recently, we provided light teaching and technical support from school in Shanghai, helping local crew get the best of their equipment.

Most of our clients have a beautiful installation setup, as in a school for example, but do not have the training to get the best of it. If it’s your case, just give us a call, we surely can teach you how to manage your lighting and let you do it by yourself in the future.

This one example done for Caterpillar in Wuxi, China.

wuxi event staging live feed internet broadcast in china. cameraman, led light, backdrop

Spot and flat LED panel from our warehouse in shanghai, staging

 Flat, powerful and flicker free lighting for pal/ntsc recording available for you in China
We provided the full staging, lighting on top of a live feed video system including 3 cameras setup.

Feel free to contact us for any question or quote regarding your particular project