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Book Hong Kong Freelance Videographer

B Roll / Stock Footage

Book our videographer when you want to film B-Roll or illustrate your event.

This is the perfect way to gather Hong Kong stock footage. All the footage will belong to you, copyright free without any limitation on usage, duration or location.
At VisionRouge, we have very clear and simple way of doing business. You hire us; you own all the footage; forever.
For the price of 2mn clip that you can buy online, you can book a videographer for a full day working for you!

The second main assignment we got with this camera operator alone; is to illustrate a process or a production line. This is helpful to add footage gathered worldwide in a larger corporate project and complete with local feeling. It could be just down the street or going to your facility to film your workers and buildings.
We will cope with your style and follow guidelines to make sure Hong Kong segment match  the others location.
Our cinema gear is usually a broadcast ready 4K S35 Sony FS7 or Canon C300 mark 3 to stay on top of broadcast request.

As reference; this is a kit you need for few scenery of your factory in Guangdong (Shenzhen, Foshan, Guangzhou) to create a nice Kick-starter product launch video.
Our qualified professionals camera operators will have a degree in film and, at least, 10 years experience in the film industry. We value our standard.
The Sony or Canon camcorder is also belonging to us; so their is no surprise with sub rented possible damaged gear.

On top of this starting package, we can add a drone for aerial panorama, indoor or outdoor of your facility. It’s a great way to do site survey and other video report.
A slider is also possible to create nice camera movement
We can add a gimbal for some shots by car or walking down your office hall!
Another classic request is to do some photography onsite. Our Videographer in Hong Kong can easily drop a DSLR in his gear bag and picture factory overviews or team portrait.
This picture mode can record time-lapse and gives you plenty of editing option at the end of the day.
Our main advantage is versatility and experience.
Book one videographer and get plenty of different footage.

Your facility presentation video will not look the same with us!
Connect with us for your next online promotional campaign, we have the corporate experience you’re looking for.

Immediate cost estimation

Hire Event Camera operator

Hong Kong ENG Shooter

When you need quick turnaround to cover event, sport and news; the ENG cameraman is the one you want.
In HK, we have been often requested to work on conventions or trade show with few interviews on the spot.
We couldn’t setup large LED light, so all should be on the mounted on the filming equipment, ready to move to the next interviewee.
Audio is also directly plugged-in for simple, lightweight but sill with broadcast TV standard.

On top, we can do on site editing, file export, or cloud upload to help your office overseas edit the footage immediately.
We also have LiveU option if you need to broadcast a feed in real time to anywhere in the world. Hong Kong offers super high speed connectivity.

Seminars and conferences are the most common kind of event where we provide ENG package, but we also have been working on fashion show as covering Victoria Secret.

If you are planning to film trade shows, company milestones, team building or board meetings; book us using the link below!
Lately, we have been working on many sport events and shop opening in Hong Kong and delivered the footage edited in the following hours.

And if you are looking for a docco shooter, this package is perfect for you as it let you travel all over Asia with a lightweight bag. We have been providing TV station such freelancer to reduce their production cost.
Our videographer have an extensive experience in many different environment as you can see.

We are filming with Canon C300 mk2, Sony FS7 and FX9 as standard for Hong Kong event coverage, but it’s possible to get any XDCAM shoulder ENG cameras.

Last but not least; this is the light version of our corporate One Man Band crew. You can start with such if you want us to film many interviews during a short period of time.

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Hire One man band Band Crew

THE Office Interview Package

This is the most common request; one talented videographer to do it all.
It keeps the crew light and so, the overall cost under control.
This filming package include all you need for a testimonial video, a team member profile or company statement video.
We usually shot such at your office with a nice lighting setup to get the best looking and corporate footage.
As most of Hong Kong office are facing Victoria harbor or a great looking high rise building pattern, it’s a joy play with such as background.
Lately, we invested on high power output LED panels to make sure we have both the subject and the seascape with enough lighting.

Our Netflix approved Sony FS7 / FX9 also got plenty of dynamic range to see all in one shot.
The entire gear fits a large suitcase, so all can be brought anywhere in Hong Kong and your video shooting can start.
We usually propose a 3 points lighting with 2 panels to create nice asymmetrical lighting and a kick LED spot on the back to let the subject stands out. We have been providing corporate communication since 2005 in Asia.

Our job is not only to install technical shooting gear but also to ensure positive human contact.
We will help your team to feel relaxed in front of our lens to produce fantastic video testimonials.
For most of our talking head shot interviewee; it’s the first speech in front of a lens and this exercise is not easy.
Our One-Man-Band crew job is also to film the best of you, as natural as possible.

A nice touch is to include a preview monitor and make-up kit included on this setup.

On the Audio side, we record with two different microphones in parallel.
One lavalier on the subject and one overhead boom to the second Audio Channel.
This way, you have option on your side for the best audio mix.

The camera is equipped with fast lenses to obtain nice bokeh if we can’t have great a looking room. It’s the best creative way to create colorful background with night lighting from Hong Kong buildings.
You can book us immediately using the link on this page and start saving money.

One Man Band Pricing

Hire a Two cameras Cinematographer in Hong Kong

Add a second camera angle; save time!

It’s important to consider a second camera units for 2 viewing angles. One will be fixed when our videographer will control the second one.

Booking Two camera package will give your editor more angle options. During the interview, we also reducing the impact on your team effort as less takes are needed.

With a second unmanned one’s; it’s also possible to capture Q & A session or panel discussion. This way, both the interviewer and the interviewee will be on screen.
Our offer fits a large but manageable suitcase, you are free to add extra lighting, slider (Auto-pan) or prompter if you need. We can get this package anywhere in Hong Kong as transportation are easy in this city.

It’s a classic request to cover convention as well, with one fixed camera filing the entire stage when the second one is following the current speaker. Our videographer lately use it at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) for the Belt and road summit.

It’s also a safe option as a backup if you are planning to travel in a remote location with no way to find a rental house locally. These modern days; a camera body is quite lightweight.

Overall, it will speed up your editing; so a great tools for Social media videos, corporate product presentation, online training video. Even food blogger will find a great way to present his/her best recipe.

As you can see bellow, our daily rate for such package in Hong Kong are very reasonable. We already provide up to 4K broadcast equipment in Hong Kong.
Book us today and start saving money.

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Pricing are for 2021, please check our updated by sending us an email

Freelance Videographer

B Roll / Stock footage


USD Per Day

Hire our cinematographer !
Great for factory visit, stock footage.
The best choice when you need to capture B-Roll of Hong Kong.

4 K video Camera
Camera Operator

Event cameraman

HK ENG shooter kit


USD Per Day

Quick and efficient manner to cover events and fast pace conventions.
Sound capture on the fly, Shoulder mount pad, broadcast ready.

4 K video Camera
Camera Operator
Wireless microphone
On camera Lighting

One-Man-Band Crew

Office Interview Package


USD Per Day

Most requested
For video testimonials and interviews on location.

4 K video Camera
Camera Operator
Dual microphones
Audio mixer
Interview light package
Preview monitor
Set of fast lenses

Two cameras Cinematographer

Add a second camera!


USD Per Day

With extra unmanned camera
Perfect for Q & A,
panel discussion.

2 x 4 K video Cameras
Camera Operator
Dual microphones
Audio mixer
Interview light package
Preview monitor
Set of fast lenses

Need to hire more than one filming crew member in Hong Kong?

Green screen backdrop, prompter operator, grip, photographer, Audio tech,...

If you like to step up your game; we can built larger crew.
For example, to shoot your interview with a backdrop (Black, Grey, White, or any color you like..) and of course for green screen purpose.

Even if technically, one man band should suffice to start recording; hanging and adjusting all the setup will force a second crew member.
It can goes from a grip position or even our Hong Kong sound guy; versatile enough to help during setup.

We also provide make up artist, van driver, PA, Fixer, photographer to complete any position you like to get  when filming in Hong Kong.

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FAQ when hiring a cameraman in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book and pay for videographer service in Hong Kong ?

We offer many different ways to hire us.
After we agree on the project cost, you will have to process the booking fee.
Usually, it’s 50% fees is requested in order to do so.
There are multiple ways to do so; from instant transfer with PayPal, WeChat Pay, AliPay or a slower international bank transfer in any currency.
This is enough for us to reserve a specific day for you.
The outstanding balance is expected to hand you over the image copyrights.
It’s as simple as this to hire our freelance videographer in Hong Kong.

How do I get the videographer footage back to me ?

There is no limitation on Internet in Hong Kong, so it’s quite easy to upload the entire video files to our servers.
We have different options for you. The fastest is a Cloud 2Tb drive that you can connect from any location, worldwide.
We also have a FTP hosting ready if you prefer.
We can also connect to your hosting if that makes things easier.
The last option is to give your local team a drive that they can ship to you.
In any case, we will keep a safe copy at our office until you received the data.
We can also send you proxy video file to limit the files size, or a smaller Audio only to let you share it with the transcript service you may want to get.
If you like to test the upload speed prior to your event, feel free to request such, it’s free and will make you relax on the shooting day.

Is there any limitations on copyrights when hiring a Vision Rouge Cameraman / Videographer?

Put it simply: There are no limitations on copyrights whatsoever,
We like simple and clean; there is no hidden clauses, no last minute price increase or limitation.
You hire us = You own all the footage; forever, anywhere.

We know how corporation can be complex and prefer the simplicity: One offer to cover all your futures use.
Our day rate includes copyright usage; there is nothing to add there.

On our side, we will not use even one single frame of it in any case.
We do not limit the usage, the geographic location or limit by time the usage of your videos footage or photography pictures.
You can resell, copy, edit the pictures or video footage at your convenience.

We will be happy to sign a NDA to show our commitment to your privacy.
Most of photographers and videographers in Hong Kong  do not offer such flexibility; Make sure you compare with our competitors before choosing the right provider.

Do you offer videographer half-day rate in Hong Kong ?

Half day rate are possible within Hong Kong.
It’s usually means that we will be at your office for less than 4 hours which is plenty for one or two interview or statement.
We also have fixed overtime rate. All our price are clearly defined when you like to book our videographer in Hong Kong.
As you can see below, our day rate and package cost are displayed online. Saving your time asking is a good start to save your money at the end.

Please contact us with your project description for a perfect videographer price offer.

Are you comfortable working under another video production company name ?

Most of our clients are video production based outside Hong Kong and we film the content for their clients.
We have no problem doing so, of course.
Our clients are mainly contacting us from America, Australia and UK. We have adapted our shooting gear and style to fits this demand.
As we also edit corporate movies by ourselves; We perfectly know what kind of footage you need in order to get a story that works out of our shooting.
Creating B-Roll by telling a story is what is driving us.
All questions about cost will be bounced to you, Nothing will be done without your clear approval on spending.
Also, any direct connection in the future to this client or discussing personal project will be banned.
You are the one providing us a extra work and we like to keep it this way for long term relationship.

What What are VisionRouge best business practices during video shooting ?

Presentation is a very important aspect of the camera operator job in Hong Kong.
Our cameraman basic outfit include black shirt and pants, no open shoes, no logo, no cap.
We will not discuss personal or company project with your clients,
We will not work or propose our video/photography service to them.
All inquiries will be redirect to the person who is hiring us.
We will not distribute to your local team the footage without your approval.
We will not sub contract your project.
The director answering your email will be the one on set for you.
All filming gear belong to us, there is no sub rent except if specified.
Corporate attitude is not just a list or words.

How can I get a videographer at discount rate in Hong Kong ?

Nothing is written into stone, and we will be happy adjust our price proposal to fit your budget if we can.
We value returning customers, on time payment, Corporate Responsibility Project,… and are ready to support such practices.
Discount are available if you can pay us quickly. Chasing money is not our favorite part of the job.
You can book our videographer immediately via Paypal or WechatPay/AliPay.

The content of the project is also a big motivation for us. If your promotional film involves helping others and making this planet a better place; we will be happy to support it.
On the same way, we understand that starting business or project need a bit of support. Let us know if you have creative idea to get partnership that do not involve currency transfer!

Please connect with us and describe your filming idea to see if we can manage to make you happy working with VisionRouge!

What is the weather like in Hong Kong ?

Shooting outside can be challenging in Hong Kong for half of the year.
Weather in South Asia is warm and wet. Hong Kong offer rainy season, commonly called the plum rain,  starting Mid May to Mid June where frequent and sudden heavy rain can occur.
Cyclone are frequent and will forbid any filming. Offices are to be closed in such weather.

If the filming should happen during the hottest July and August months, it’s important to drink plenty of water and be careful when installing hot light under the sun.

Compare to other city; Hong Kong subway and offices have powerful air conditioning and it’s frequent to get cold there. A lot of cover overpass allows shadows and protection from the rain almost everywhere downtown Hong Kong Island.

The main and common issue is the polluted air coming from China that may block landscape. Plum season is actually the best to have clean atmosphere and amazing cloud pattern.

The best months to be outside are from mid October to mid April, the coldest temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius.

What movies have you been working on?

As we settle in Asia in 2003, we have been working on an extremely wide array of projects:
Storytelling, Cinematic
Our videographer in Hong Kong have been working on :

  • Beautiful cinematic wedding films, including pre-wedding presentation introducing the groom and bride. These little creative piece of art includes storytelling and filming weeks prior to the event.
    All gathered in a nice animated movie inter-cut by friends interviews.
  • Fashion show coverage, for TV purpose or directly for the brand. This goes from time-lapse of the stage getting built to BTS report, backstage make up and dressing to VIP interview, and the show itself. Getting hired by Fashion TV is one great achievement.
  • Kick starter video presentation; from interviewing the designer team to the local tiny factory producing the electronic board in Shenzhen.
  • Political meeting and conventions report; from the early event start breakfast, the stage speaker to the event kick off;we got it all under control for you.
  • TV Documentary in raw nature under tough conditions. Our videographer have been going from the border of Tibet at high altitude, shooting the very warm Gobi desert and now filming under Typhoon conditions in Hong Kong. I guess it draws a clear picture on our commitment to make your project happens whatever the challenges.
  • Event and product launch. With covering the Shanghai world expo 2010 opening ceremony as reference; we showcase your work and convey your brand message. We also been doing fair and trade show movie to present large exhibit as the world largest Auto Show in Beijing.
  • Aerial filming, either indoor or outdoor with all kind of drones. With a fleet of different aerial platform, we flew on top of the world largest floating solar farm but lso within production line to gather fantastic industrial footage.
  • Team building event, Family days or company Corporate social responsibility communication. The scope of theses project that bind your company together is also our playground. We capture everyone’s memory with a fun touch inline with your company culture.
  • Music and concert live shows. Either to follow the life of an artist or to cover a special day.  Music is a language we speak when filming the performers, the audience and the backstage. Musical concerts, theater, street performance; we got you covered. Our videographer in Hong Kong will be happy to put his experience documenting your special event as school graduation or create a portrait video for you next job quest!

Do you speak Chinese in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong have two official written/spoken languages; English and Cantonese.
Even if most of Hong Kong residents are fluent in both; there is a misunderstanding on the exact signification of the meaning of ‘Chinese’.

Crossing the border and going to China, the situation is quite different.

In Guangdong area, Cantonese is also widely spoken, but the official language is Mandarin only. There is a very limited amount of people speaking English.

Hong Kongers are referring ‘Chinese’ to describe Cantonese language when mainlanders meaning is ‘Mandarin’.

As more mainlanders are settling in Hong Kong; it’s very important to know which language our videographer should speak if he need critical attention on the interview content.
Mandarin and Cantonese are completely different languages. Both pronunciation and written are different and incompatible.

If our videographer should bring a prompter, it’s easy to understand how important this detail is!

Our crew is usually, at least, bi-langual including English. If you like to hire us, please describe on your filming project sum up, the expected crew language if different from English.

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