LNG Ship presentation
videographer & Grip crew
ChongMing Island, Sept 2019

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Chongming island is technically still part of Shanghai even if you need to drive quite a lot to reach it. Without subway or train available, I decided to get my own driver and assistant to offer a videographer & Grip crew package for this presentation of this LNG Ship.

Impressive will be the way to describe this day in ChongMing Island.

This picture is actually the last shoot of the day. The sun was almost gone and a perfect place to get the scale of this gigantic ship. Thanks to my assistant for all the BTS pictures you can find here. I hope it will help you choosing the right partner for your next movie in China or Hong Kong.

All the pictures and references in this website are genuine, with me as main camera operator for most of the projects. When you decide to work with VisionRouge; you will not have a last minute surprise with another videographer/director/photographer than the one you chatted by mail. All is quite straight forward to get focus on getting the best of your subject. All the pictures have a large tags as I found a competitor did download mine to advertise his website (!)

LNG Ship video presentation videographer & Grip crew in Shanghai

What better way to be back from summer break by shooting the world largest LNG powered container ship?

This years have been focusing on many vessels video coverage, from Ningbo to Nantong. Filming in ChongMing Island where most of the shipyard of Shanghai are located was a real pleasure under a nice sky. We we surely go back there for more later.

Filming One to One Interviews in Chongming Island

LNG Ship video presentation videographer & Grip book ChongMing
The Chongming island shipyard is gigantic and we were very happy to get access granted for such event. Other vessels are also build here for the military. It’s quite unusual to see a foreign team with a camera here. For the 2 first interviews, I have decided to use the rooftop with this nice terrace. It offered a bit of shadows and overlooking to the full vessel construction area. It was also close to the office and noise free from the construction area.

The very powerful LitePanel LED helped to fight the sun. Shooting with my Sony FS7 in 4K Slog/Cine EI is a life saver in post to get the best of what this camera can do. Too often, I witness crews using simple DSLR and really feel pain for the production house which will edit later their footage. Don’t choose cheap over quality, you will regret very quickly.

LNG Ship video presentation videographer & Grip crew ChongMing hire in shanghai
All went well with both interviewees, with a almost blue sky on the back for once in Shanghai, China.
We quickly moved to the other side of the pier by car to save time. The ship is about 600 meters long, so each shooting location should be pick up carefully.

I usually try to get as much details of the location prior to the shooting in order to plan the day. The first thing, before shooting anything, is to do a quick location scooting to make sure the sun, noise and the person to interview will be available and confident with the request from the production house. Getting a personal driver/assistant bilingual on my side, helped a lot to speed up the day.

LNG Ship video presentation videographer Grip crew ChongMing hire cheap
The entire shipyard in ChongMing Island is having a break during one hour for lunch. That will be the best time to do a on-site interview with not too much welding noise. Even in such contrast lighting, our LED litepanel did the trick, All running on battery for a great overview of the construction area.
The footage is neat with a nice background view of the other vessels from the fleet being built here too. I also have planned that we will have some shadows from the time we will be rolling and all went perfectly as expected! Hiring a videographer from VisionRouge is a bit more than just a guy who own a camera!

LNG Ship video presentation videographer & Grip crew in Shanghai to hire
The best place to get a overview of the entire boat without using too much wide angle lens for an interview! The logo painted on the vessel can be clearly seen on the background.
For once, getting a small aperture was necessary here. Our ENG kit include a very versatile Sony Cine lens and let us save plenty of time when doing such run and gun video.

A bit of art in this industrial shooting

The inside of the LNG tank is quite impressive. The ship was still in construction process and the actual size will be more 5 floors high! I got lucky to have already some lighting there to cover this event! As it’s not so easy to refill LNG, this boat can almost do a round trip from Shanghai to Europe with one fill only.

LNG Ship video presentation videographer Grip crew ChongMing

And it’s not because we do industrial video that filming a bit of natural beauty will hurt. I’m always looking for nice B-roll to add to the final movie as transition. A glimpse of sun between the clouds just did it for me! LNG Ship video presentation videographer Grip crew in ChongMingBack to the office at night time, I later uploaded all the footage for the agency in the UK to download it and start editing. This project will soon be online for viewing.

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