Time-Lapse photography services to hire in Hong Kong

Hire the Construction time-lapse experts; Check our automatic cameras system available in Hong Kong.

Which long duration time-lapse system to hire in Hong Kong?

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Stand alone time-lapse enclosure

Internal battery powered. Fully automated. Ready to go

As simple as it gets; Stand alone battery powered photography time-lapse module.

Fix it and forget it: This is the simplest way to gather pictures of a construction process. The internal battery will last more than 2 months. There are different picture sequence presets available; from every 5mn to every hour. You can adjust picture frequency depending on the duration of your project and activity peak.
It’s the perfect photography time-lapse solution for indoor project or when a small footprint is mandatory.
It’s a very sturdy body. It can be easily removed or maintained without a need for us to be there.
The hook fits the standard scaffolding diameter
The internal battery is simply swapped every 2 months or so. All the pictures are kept within the enclosure.
A safe locker can be installed at the rear of the housing.
The camera is also safely protect from anything that can happen during a building construction. Even pouring concrete or paint is not a problem.
The hook is aluminium built and will not rot overtime even in humid Hong Kong weather.
The pictures quality is beyond 4K in RAW with have many possible lenses to cover any angles possible.

Optionally, we can have external battery box to extend the duration without maintenance. This option allows a very simple battery swapping process.

We provide a similar battery powered module with network capabilities and cloud management services to upload footage and get daily status email.

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Honk Kong Photography Time-Lapse housing, grid powered.

For Short to Long Term duration construction project; backup on battery.

Our most requested product: on-grid Photography Time-lapse housing system.
When your time-lapse will be stretched for years, getting unlimited power is a must.
In this situation, even if we need to keep the system using very limited power, we can provide full network monitoring and picture upload. It’s almost a real time live feed camera except the quality is way beyond what a surveillance camera can provide. Shooting RAW pictures at 14 bits depth with a resolution higher than 4K is completely normal request. It’s offered de facto with all our time-lapse system.

This photography time-lapse housing can be weather tempered by adding a temperature driven fan.
It comes with a dual roof in standard but still keep a limited footprint.
The time-lapse enclosure can be paint to fit your site color standard and keep the impact minimum.
The entire module is in aluminium and super sturdy. Our hook system can clearly sustain a class 10 Typhoon. A safety chain can be added too.
It’s possible to add a wiper to clean the front window without the need for anyone to come. Construction site are usually quite dusty and frequent heavy rains in Hong Kong do not helps keeping the front lens out of dirt.

The time-lapse enclosure is equipped with internal batteries that can supply power for weeks if necessary, in order to let your team fix possible power outrage in time.
There are two independent batteries pack per enclosure for extra redundancy.

It’s equipped with a small computer able to remotely upload pictures, using Data LTE/3G network or Wi-Fi connection. This allows to get many different pictures sequences running simultaneously, remotely adjustable without opening the enclosure and fits any change in your building construction schedule.

If you like to order the enclosure only, please contact us; this is something we will be happy to offer you.
Our post production services can provide you a edited movie, if you like to hire a complete long term construction solution without any technical details.

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Long-term Off-grid Time Lapse system

Voltaic and Battery powered photography enclosure to hire; 100% off-grid

When outside view is possible, getting solar powered time-lapse camera is a great option to hire.
You don’t have to worry anymore of getting constant power on top of a pole; all is internal and batteries are charging as soon as the sun is out.
A 2 hours windows with sun is enough to charge the system for a complete week.
We provide a dual panels option with dual batteries for extra redundancy.

It’s a great way to monitor a construction site from the other side of the world. Each photography can be uploaded immediately.

Network capability allows site monitoring and daily status email plus picture upload.

One panel is usually on top of the enclosure to offer extra roofing and help reducing internal heat. It keeps the time-lapse camera footprint limited.
The second one is easy to hook to the same pole.
The solar panels are a bit flexible and will not add too much weight.
An active cooling is also working as soon as the day starts and temperature rises.
The entire time lapse photography enclosure is in aluminium and plastic, so is resistant to Hong Kong wet atmosphere.
We can add your logo on the side to enhance your brand presence.

These enclosure can be rented or bought, with or without the camera control system. We adapt our range of time-lapse services.
You will be free to install your trusted own time-lapse picture module. The orientation of the solar panels can be managed to fit your region.

Instant quote on Solar Powered Time-lapse enclosure system

Custom design construction timelapse camera.

One concept to perfectly fit your long duration time-lapse movie.

Outside these 3 main offers; we can mix functionalities at will. As our rang of services include board designs and programming; we can adapt our software to trigger the time-lapse sequence from many external event.

We can design the system to keep all time-lapse pictures inside the camera body; upload them or store them on an external drive. It’s even possible to get these 3 options altogether.
If you like the idea of external drive if no network is present at your construction site; it’s easy for any of your team member to pick it up.

Our smart controller accept Ethernet, Wi-Fi and external data modem; each of these notwork connectivity being able to work simultaneously to offer redundancy.
We can either use it for status email only or add JPG upload. If your network have great connection, even all the RAW can be uploaded. This way, your internal camera memory card will never be full.
We have such system actually in place in Hong Kong and it have been running since March 2019 without one single bit lost during more than a year. In this project, we offer full production project, from installation, maintenance and post production. All photography are shared real time with our client office in Singapore.

On the power supply side; you can power by POE, external charger, solar panel or wind turbine. And all of these can be added in case one may be not present.
Last but not least; we are testing literally for months our new design to make sure we missed nothing.
Any little change can have a cascade of changes and this only by using it under real conditions that it can be fail proof approved.

If you have a Time-lapse project in mind, in Hong Kong or anywhere else, please feel free to describe it below and we will come back to you with a price detail and feasibility idea.You can hire us on the concept design only.

Request tailor made time-lapse system pricing.

Stand Alone Camera Enclosure

Install it! Forget it!


USD Per Month

As simple as it gets.
It includes:
4K DSLR camera
Wide lens
128 Gb memory
2 months battery pack
RAW/JPG pictures
Hook system

Grid Powered Time-Lapse system

Our star product


USD Per month

When you have unlimited power,
You have unlimited option!
4K DSLR camera
Wide lens
128 Gb memory
256 External USB drive
Backup battery pack
RAW/JPG pictures
Hook system
Multiple picture sequences
Daily email report
Real time picture upload
Active cooling

Solar Powered Time-Lapse housing

Off grid voltaic camera recording


USD Per Month

Cut the wire,
Work off-grid for years !
4K DSLR camera
Wide lens
128 Gb memory
256 External USB drive
Backup battery pack
RAW/JPG pictures
Hook system
Solar Panels
Daily email report
Real time picture upload
Active cooling

Customized time-lapse recording system

Let discuss your exact needs together.


USD Per Month

Unlimited functionalities
8K DSLR camera
Wide lens
dual 128 Gb memory
256 External USB drive
Backup battery pack
RAW/JPG pictures
Hook system
Solar Panels
Daily email report
Real time picture upload
Active cooling
Wiper and water tank
Wind turbine powered

Time lapse enclosure/housing to buy in Hong Kong

A la carte service; buy or rent what you need only.

Not only we can design the time-lapse capture system at your convenience, but we offer multiple video production support services.

Do you need us to edit your movie?
Clean and align your pictures?
Remove camera shaking to the footage?
You like to hire our FTP / Cloud services until you get yours up and working?

With us; you are free to pick up each aspect of our offer. There is no forced monthly subscription. If you already have a ftp on your own, we will help you connect our smart controller to upload there.

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FAQ when hiring a cameraman in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book and pay for time laspe services in Hong Kong ?

We offer many different ways to hire us from renting a photography system to buying it.
Usually, a 50% booking fees is requested to confirm us on your project.
There are multiple ways to do so; from instant transfer with PayPal, WeChat Pay, AliPay or a TT bank transfer in any currency.
We have eBay store if you like to use their safeguard program.
The outstanding balance is expected to hand you over the picture copyrights.
It’s as simple as this, to hire a time lapse system with the Hong Kong video experts.

How do I get the time-lapse footage back to me ?

There is still no limitation on Internet in Hong Kong, so it’s quite easy to upload the entire video files to our servers.
If you let us manage the entire process; we will be uploading to our server directly.
We have different options for you, from a Cloud 2Tb drive or FTP that you can connect from any location, worldwide.
We can also connect to your hosting platform if that makes things easier.
The last option is to give your local team a drive that they can ship to you or pick it up at the time-lapse location.
If you already have hosting on your side, you just need to create an sub account for us and our timelapse camera will connect to it to start upload immediately.

Is there any copyrights limitations when using Vision Rouge services

No, There are no limitations whatsoever,
At Vision Rouge, we like simple and clean; there is no hidden clauses, no last minute price increase or limitation.

We know own corporation can be complex and prefer the simplicity of one offer to cover all your futures use.

As you are hiring us, you will  own the photography entire copyrights; forever, anywhere.
Any copyright usage is included in all our contract ; there is nothing to add there.

On our side, we will never publish one single picture of it.
We do not limit the movie usage, the geographic location or reduce the usage duration of the footage we provide you.

A NDA can be signed to show you our commitment to your privacy.
Most of Hong Kong video production company do not offer such flexibility; It’s a great advantage to fee your mind on this aspect when working with us.

What other time-lapse services do you offer.

As simple as it sounds, a time-lapse is a series a pictures done from the same position over time. This picture sequence is assembled and blend together to create a video speeding up the time things happened.
There are many ways taking this picture sequence can be achieve.

Depending on the project constraints, we have plenty of options when a time-lapse enclosure cannot be installed.
For example, we have aerial platform that can stay long enough in the air to cover a process.
We also have GPS positioning on board to make sure our drone can fly at the exact same position in the sky few days (or months) apart.
Later this aerial sequence can be assembled and aligned to get a amazing bird view of your construction project.

We also provided time-lapse service with an operator able to move the camera and put it back depending on the work done. Again; we have the video production advantage to fix the possible movements and get an amazing result impossible to gather otherwise.

Last but not least; we offer time-lapse day rate with an operator and many automatic cameras. He will place them around the process to capture, and reposition them over the day to gather plenty of different video sequences. This is the perfect way to follow a loading process or assembly. It’s great to document booth construction or bts of staging.

Are you comfortable working under another video production company name ?

Most of our clients are video production based outside Hong Kong and we film the content for their clients.
We have no problem doing so, of course.
Our clients are mainly contacting us from America, Australia and UK.
All cost related questions will be bounced to you, Nothing will be done without your clear approval on spending.
Also, any direct connection in the future to this client or discussing personal project will be banned.
You are the one providing us a extra work and we like to keep it this way for long term relationship.
Our time-lapse enclosure can get paint to fit your company color or logo.

What What are VisionRouge best business practices during time-lapse project

Presentation is a very important aspect our job in Hong Kong.
Our team basic outfit include black shirt and pants, no open shoes, no logo, no cap. We may need to climb pole or use crane and scissor lift, so safety is our priority.
When working for you, we represent you.
We will not discuss personal or company project with your clients,
We will not directly work or propose any video/photography service to them.
All inquiries will be redirect to the person who is hiring us.
We will not distribute to your local team the footage without your approval.
We will not sub contract your project. You are hiring us directly.
The project manager answering your email will be the one on construction site for you.
All time-lapse enclosure belong to us, there is no sub rent except if specified.
Corporate attitude is not just a list or words.

How can I get a time-lapse system at discount rate in Hong Kong ?

Nothing is written into stone, and we will be happy adjust our price proposal to fit your budget if we can.
We value on time payment, returning customers, Corporate Responsibility Project,… and are ready to support these.
Discount are always available if you can process your order quickly.

The content of the project is also a big motivation for us. If your time-lapse film involves helping others and making this planet a better place; we will be happy to support it.
We love big things, so a large lifting or boat loading is something we will be happy to do.
On the same way, we understand that starting business may need some  of support. Let us know if you have creative idea for a possible partnership!

Please describe your time-lapse video to see if we can manage to make working with VisionRouge possible!

What is the weather like in Hong Kong ?

The outside weather is challenging in Hong Kong half of the year.
With a very warm and sometime extremely wet weather as many South Asia countries can experiment, installing a camera in an enclosure under the sun can be quite complicated.  Hong Kong have the plum rain, aka rainy season, starting May to June where sudden and frequent heavy rain can occur.
Cyclone are quite frequent and our enclosure are ready for such. We can’t offer to take any risk with safety in your own construction site.

If the time lapse recording is supposed to happen during the hot July and August months, it’s important to get forced cooling time-lapse housing.

The second but main and issue is the polluted air coming from mainland China that may block landscape view. As we are shooting RAW with plenty of dynamic range, our amera can drasticly reduce this effect and keep shooting were other regular monitoring video camera will not be able to display anything usable.

You can have some overview of possible blue sky with fast moving white clouds here.

What movies kind of time-lapse have you been working on?

We are mainly corporate video production oriented company but have been filming plenty of events too.

We did produce time-lapse video during fair to witness booth construction. This is a classic request when you need to communicate about your pop shop.

For Sephora Asia flag store opening; we created banner hanging processing (2 days duration) and the full construction follow up during many months.

On the World Expo 2010, we created many behind the scene movies to document the opening ceremony show design. Some time-lapse lasted one hour to many days. It was done with multiple cameras working together.
Even if we are able to offer time-lapse complete housing solution, we will be happy to come with smaller photography system to document your event.

Feel free to visit this page (click) that present few video extracts of our past work.

Do you deliver camera housing or provide installation service outside Hong Kong ?

Yes, All is possible.
For installation service, we cane easily reach Macao or China and did so by the past. We have project with a company based in Singapore, traveling is not an issue.
If you like like to buy the enclosure only; we can surely ship it where you are in the world.
Please connect with us describing your time-lapse needs to see if we can help you getting your movie done.

What is inside your time lapse enclosure? Do you use GoPro?

We have been working on reliability for years and found that Canon DSLR fits many of our requirements.
From manual focus lenses to sturdy camera body; this brand have been our partner since we started. Nikon may be a nice contender, but their offer are more limited.
Mirrorless camera are not ideal for a time-lapse setup so most of Sony are out of our offer.
It goes the same with Panasonic and their smaller sensor size.

It’s without secret that you will find a Canon DSLR body if you open our time-lapse system.
We have many camera models that can work and so many possible resolution; from full frame to crop sensor.

On the other side, as we can provide you to rent or buy the enclosure only, we will be happy to let you install whatever brand you like and GoPro may be the one you feel confident working with.
Unfortunately, a GoPro do not provide a comparable reliable result as for now, so we will not advise such choice on a long term construction time-lapse.
As the weather in Hong Kong can be quite extreme, that would put the entire project at risk if pictures are lost at one point.

Hyper-lapse vs Time-lapse, what are the differences?

Both hyper-lapse and time-lapse are a succession of pictures and assembled together to create a movie to to speed up time.
The time stretch goes from few seconds interval between frame, to many hours or days.

In a time-lapse setup; the camera is almost static. It may be on a slider from time to time, but the movement is very limited. It’s the perfect way to follow a building construction or long time process.

With a hyper-lapse movie, the camera is now moving when taking picture and can even zoom and follow a path.
The final movie brings you somewhere more than just witnessing a project being built

Time-Lapse in Hong Kong Cost estimation request

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If you like to know more about time-lapse system design

Vision Rouge blog post on time-lapse best practices.

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