Qualcomm 4G/5G summit
Camera team
Corporate Interviews
in Hong Kong, Oct. 2018

Looking for a camera team to film corporate interviews in Hong Kong ?

We were honored to cover the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in Hong Hong with our camera team. The assignment was for filming corporate interviews and a overview coverage of this large event. We dispatched a camera crew of 2 English speaker operators, equipped with our Sony FS7 to get an overall view of the venue and conferences. These high end cameras can record 4K footage at 60p to be ready for any request. We worked during the 2 days of the summit to gather conference, product presentation and Interviews.
Looking for a camera crew to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

Why choosing our camera team?

With such a long experience in filming in China and in Hong Kong, our camera team will be happy to support one more time your video project here. Speaking Cantonese, Mandarin and English on request, we keep providing a smart answer for your corporate movie. In confusing time where technologies are moving so fast; it’s great to rely on experimented crew with latest equipment to gather the best of your summit. All footage will be either dropped to a drive every night, or uploaded to our FTP / cloud facility. We also have great payment facility to accept different currencies. Give us a shot, you should received an answer from us in less than 12 hours, wherever you are in the world.

Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in details.

We were also asked to shoot some products presentation directly on the different rooms sets for the journalists. Here with a VR 5G headset.
hire a camera crew to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong
And the next hour, we are back to the main room with a worldwide audience looking forward to a 5G world. Very impressive what the future of communication will bring. Hope to get a glimpse of it in the camera world soon. But I still sure you will still a cameraman to get the best of it behind the camera!
Hire a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

What is included in your corporate interview package?

Corporate interviews are a very common request and we offer a full package to cover any situation. In this particular video project; the client needed a 2 camera angles setup, wireless lavalier, boom and flexible LED, all battery power to move faster in the middle of the crowd. Last but not least is the outfit with a “dress smart” attitude from your team member’s.
Looking for a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong cheap
Our classic setup are two FS7 and the amazing Cine lenses from Sony. This is our basic run and gun ENG rig that we bring all over Asia; from the mountains of Shangri-La to Vietnam. Make no mistakes when choosing your video provider and get the one who delivers!
Here is the exported movie from our client website.

and here for the 5G application

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Looking for a camera team to film corporate Interviews in Hong Kong

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