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Video and photography business model disruption as already started

After a post about boosting your SEO , this is the second post on a wider aspect of video and photography business and how I see the changes coming.

Video and photography business model disruption.

Being a good photographer is not enough to survive the photography market. But the future will shows a lot of changes in the way clients will reach you for a video assignment as well. It’s called disruption because a new business model is emerging on the photography and video market.


According to the newcomer in photography business model in China; it looks like it’s now accepted to say that there is no money anymore for photographer covering events. So he can now let this part goes to flame with underpaid/in-experimented photographers and get the same price for client getting huge benefit out of it. I’m still waiting to see someone with an Iphone shooting same picture than my Sony FS7 footage…

Why is it important even for the overseas photography market?
It’s now working super well in China for some reasons I will explain below, but even if they can’t copy and paste this exact model, they will got out of it so much money, that they can easily bring a offer oversea, killing fragile business and asphyxiating the old players long enough to get market dominance later on. I always found that people look China as another world without understanding how it will be in front of their door the next year. Be aware that is just the beginning.

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DJI CrystalSky and SmallHD 702 for Inspire remote support DIY

How to put a CrystalSky screen and SmallHD on top of our DJI Inspire 2 remote?

This is a DIY Hack using smallrig product to be able to stack in an elegant way 2 screens on your DJI Inspire or Phantom drone. Here the final result:


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how do i increase my visibility on google ?

how do i increase my visibility on google?

SEO, ranking, what are they in real life and how to improve these will be the game of the day.

For the novice, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically means: how to make sure your webpage will be on some result, as Google or Bing, but if you are reading this, you know this already.
Ranking is your position on the search engine response to anyone request. Better ranking is obviously what you are looking for to make sure you are on top of the search results.If your business depend on clients that contact you remotely, clearly, you should invest a lot of time to makes things better.

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NATO Handle #1688, One handle to rules them all.

Sometimes, I have a feeling my blog is more a catalog of Smallrig product presentation, but it’s also a way to says that something is happening in Shenzhen area and DJI is not the only one to get out of the copycat market. I have been using plenty of their products and have positive feedback to share here.

Going for a project last month where one of my Sony FS7 should have been used half of the time as a regular camera and the second half on a gimbal. I wanted to check how makes thing even smarter for me. I was planning on using with a Ronin-M as it was actual a successful test, but needed also a strong way to carry the camera when put on sticks. You can check my past setup here.

I love the Nato system as it keep the camera body with a limited weight on the gimbal, but still super sturdy and can be locked when adding a handle. I wish I could even have a longer NATO plate. It seems that Smallrig is thinking about it.

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Sony FS7 Mark 1 upgrade hack, microphone holder fix with SmallRig

Owner of both a FS7 Mark1 and mark2, it was very tempting to try to upgrade the version one to be closer to the upgraded version and switch from each of them flawlessly.

The first easy fix is the microphone holder.
 Honestly, if you are working for Sony team who designed this; I would love to get a word with you. How in the world, after designing hundred of cameras, you ended with such fragile solution?

For those not familiar with it; it’s a 15 mm aluminum rod with a cap in plastic where 4 tiny screws are supposed to hold the weight of a microphone. On top of these, of course, two, even thinner, plastic clips are the only link with the rest of the camera. You can imagine what’s happening when you put this in a camera bag as the microphone is in the top of your camera? Life expectation of the ensemble is about a week.
I bought my FS7 in perfect condition from a company running out of business in Shenzhen, and even if the body was in perfect condition, this part was damaged.

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