Panasonic AJ-PX270 or 285MC

The new toy from Panasonic,

Accept 1 x P2 and 2 x Micro P2 card (same size as SD card, can be read in any computer)
Redesigned body; lighter,
The screen is now in front and help holding the camera,
The shun-hood is firmly locked with a shutter to protect the lens,
New screen super easy to do focus, new menu system with plenty of new options,
New button position to help navigation.
Can record 50p or 60p in full HD.

Panasonic camera with Intra 100 and DVC PRO HD Codec
Menu in English and Chinese
Amazing camera for such small size!
4:2:2 and 10 bit processing
4 Audio Channels (2 on board mic + 2 XLR )
Full P2HD Image Quality with AVC-Intra 200 Codec Recording
22x zoom range, improved lens system from the previous model with a better macro
1 Battery power the camera for 90 mn.
PAL/NTSC system
All menus in English or Chinese

1 available

Be aware that Panasonic camera are power hungry! One regular Battery should give you about 90 mn recording only!
You may want to get extra ones.
We providing already 4 batteries, regular size (5,400 mAh) for free with the camera