Matte Box RedRock micro

RedRock micro MatteBox

microMatteBox wide format shade
15mm lightweight (60mm) swing-away arm (rods and baseplate not included)
2 universal 360 degree rotating filter stages
2 dual-purpose filter trays, supporting 4×4 and 4×5.65” filter sizes
4 neoprene donuts to fit lenses of varying diameters (diameter of openings 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 102mm – additional sizes can be cut from supplied donuts)

In option you can have the Flag kit :
1 wide screen interchangeable matte
Top eyebrow (french flag)
2 adjustable side wings

And the Filter kit (5 Filters 4 x 5.56):
1 x ND 0.3 Tiffen
1 x ND 0.6 Cavision
1 x ND 0.9 Tiffen
1 x Polarizer Tiffen
1 x Hori Gradient Filter Cavision