1200 HMI Sirocco light balloon

light baloon 12000 HMI Sirocco Airstar

The fastest and simplest way to get large area of light.
2 mn to set up, 1200 HMI power light with very light case to carry all over the country this amazing product when you need to light a large area in a factory for example.
It inflate by itself, a bit noisy so can’t be used if you need to record sound right aside but perfect for industrial shooting. Very strong envelope, waterproof.
If you need a silent envelope, please select the option. It’s a 90 cm diameter disc to support the balloon.
One side is white diffusing, the other one is reflective to send back the light in front.
You can hang them or put it on our very high overhead stand, the Kupo 620M.
2 kit available