Camera crew and photographer in Dalian

Hot Springs, Ski Resorts, beaches…

For us; that’s mostly the foreign factory presence that sent us to Dalian for filming VIP events and factories.

  • Louis Vuitton Dalian Store
    Instant Photo Studio
    Dalian, May 2009

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  • Flagship store opening
    Louis Vuitton
    Photo Coverage
    Dalian, Nov. 2008, China

    Dalian flag ship opening, book our Photographer
    Client: Louis Vuitton China
    Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion and leather goods company founded in 1854. Internationally renowned and highly regarded for name recognition in the fashion world.

    Project Description: photography service for Louis Vuitton Flagship store launch Dalian in November 2008

    The Dalian Times Square flagship store is Louis…