Timelapse Photography System

Time lapse services in China

Stand alone time-lapse box to be installed outside or inside.
You just need a vertical pole (from 3.5 cm diameter till 4.5)

Inside, a Canon 600D camera with a 11-16mm lens and a SD 32Gb card for a picture every 3 mn during 2 weeks without any need for maintenance (20mm till 2500 35 mm equivalent), Other lens on request.

The system include 1 charger, 4 batteries (2 inside and 2 to quickly exchange).
2 batteries last more than 2 weeks, so you only have to open the box, replace the batteries and you are free to go for next 15 days!
A very smart small computer included shut down the camera between each pictures, so it only use a very slight amount of electric and so can last so long tie without external power.

We are providing also a mount (on request) if you want to mount it directly to a wall

Please contact us for long rental, specific configuration!