Bar Rouge
VOL Group
Mirror Screen Video System
Shanghai, Dec. 2008, China

Mirror Screen Video System for Bar Rouge Shanghai (VOL Group)

Concept design and installation.  360 degree mirror video system for Bar Rouge Shanghai.

Views From the Bar
View From the terrace

View From the DJ booth


Client: Bar Rouge Shanghai Bar Rouge is located in the hip Bund district of Shanghai, its striking decor – a winning combination of supercool 21st Century design and traditional Chinese decor – makes it a must for any dedicated follower of fashion.

Project Description: Mirror Film Screen Installation – Dec.2008
Mirror Film Screen is newly developed projection film screen enables projection image quality almost same level to both sides of the screen surface. This allows very wide viewing angle that can be display the image information on the screen surface widely to Bar Rouge’s customer.

Service Offerings: project feasibility study and installation, product technical support.
We did install the full VJ booth with DVD/HDD player, Video Mixer and preview monitor as well as the Mirror Film and video projector with a smoke free enclosure.