• How do I increase my visibility on Google ?

    How do i increase my visibility on Google? SEO, ranking, what are they in real life and how to improve these will be the game of the day. Below are few tips to solve the impossible equation on how do I increase my visibility on Google. For the novice, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.…
  • Classic scam email of the day

    Today, I received this classic scam email, using the automatic submission form not protected by captcha.

    Contact Form Submission from bob stewart
    Nume: bob stewart
    Email: [email protected]
    Comments: Hello,
    I will like to know if you carry this item in stock or if you can
    special order them for me.
    Sony DVCAM PDVM-184N Non-Chip …………. 250 QTY
    I will arrange for the pick…