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Video and photography business model disruption has already started

After a post about boosting your SEO , this is the second post on a wider aspect of video and photography business and how I see the changes coming.

Video and photography business model disruption.

Being a good photographer or cameraman is not enough anymore to survive the video and photography business. Where a good portfolio and few meeting should have you covered in the past; you need now to work on your SEO and follow a more larger competition. But the future will shows a lot of changes in the way clients will reach you for a an assignment as well. It’s called disruption because a new business model emerge on the photography and video market.


According to the newcomer in photography business model in China; it looks like it’s now accepted to say that there is no money anymore for photographer covering events. So he can now let this part goes to flame with underpaid/in-experimented photographers and get the same price for client getting huge benefit out of it. I’m still waiting to see someone with an Iphone shooting same picture than my Sony FS7 footage…

Why is it important even for the overseas photography market?

It’s now working super well in China for some reasons I will explain below. But even if they can’t copy and paste this exact model, they are making so much money, that they can easily bring a offer oversea. Killing fragile business and asphyxiating the old players long enough to get market dominance later on. I always found that people look China as another world without understanding how it will be in front of their door the next year. Be aware that is just the beginning.

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how do I increase my visibility on google ?

How do i increase my visibility on google?

SEO, ranking, what are they in real life and how to improve these will be the game of the day.

For the novice, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It basically means: how to make sure your webpage will be on some result, as Google or Bing, but if you are reading this, you know this already.
Ranking is your position on the search engine response to anyone request. Better ranking is obviously what you are looking for to make sure you are on top of the search your business depend on clients that contact you remotely, clearly, you should invest a lot of time to makes things better.

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Classic scam email of the day

Today, I received this classic scam email, using the automatic submission form not protected by captcha.

Contact Form Submission from bob stewart
Nume: bob stewart
Comments: Hello,
I will like to know if you carry this item in stock or if you can
special order them for me.
Sony DVCAM PDVM-184N Non-Chip …………. 250 QTY
I will arrange for the pick up of the order from your location.
And also let me know which credit card type you accept between Visa/MC…
Will be expecting the quotation,so i can proceed with the payment details.

What is interesting is the way they targeting their potential victims with very specific products in theirs business range (here some video tape). It’s the 5th time in 10 years I received almost the same email and I’m writing this post just to let others knows about the scam, hoping people will google part of this mail to found this post.
Do not answer it as you may end receiving many new tentative. It will shows that your email is valid to them.
There are plenty of similar scam using other product, but the structure of the email is quite similar.

Do not answer, just fill a fishing report with your mail account to try to get his account removed as they are using a gmail account

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