Looking for a camera operator in Hong-Kong or China?

From a photographer in Hong Kong or a videographer in Xiamen, no project is too small or too big for us.
Each client is unique and we will be happy to answer your call. If it’s not easy but need to be done, you are one click away to get it solved.
We have been shooting all over China, providing video services in Hefei, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and so on. We recently offer video service even in larger Asia with production work in Singapore, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur… to ensure to our clients the same level of quality wherever they are located.

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Interviews in an office (2 x LED panels + Lavalier wireless microphone
outdoor interviews (Shoulder mount + wireless microphone

And it will be great to add:
Audio Mixer recorder + extra lavalier + wireless kit + boom microphone
Stand alone Auto-Scroll Tele-prompterTele-prompter + Operator
Auto-Pan Motorized sliderManual Slider
Video producer
Grip/Lighting assistant
Van for extra gear
HMI lighting kit (need van for transportation)
Gimbal (DJI RoninM or such)
DJI Mavic Pro2 basic droneDJI Inspire 2 with X5S cine package
Indoor one day Time-lapse camera kitlong time duration Outdoor Time-lapse system

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Looking for a camera operator on A1 Shanghai race?

Feel free to contact us regarding your video project in China.

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And if you are from last year tech; Call us in English or French at :
(mobile China) +86 139 1717 9321 (gmt +8) // Works for Wechat id.
(office China) +86 21 643 11 562 (English, French or Mandarin) from 10 am till 7pm (gmt +8)
(mobile Hong Kong) +852 676 257 10  (gmt +8) //Works for Whatsapp id.

And if you are from last century; Our physical address in Shanghai is:
No 134, Jianguo Rd,
LuWan District, 200020, Shanghai, P.R. China.
By Taxi: on JianGuo Road, between Shaanxi rd and RuiJin Er Rd
In Chinese: 上海市卢湾区建国西路134弄
By Subway: Dapuquiao Line 9, Exit 4, 10 minutes walk going north following RuiJin Er Road, turning left on JianGuo rd, (200m)

We have in house photographer in Hong Kong as well as a passion for traveling. Feel free to connect with us if you are more looking for a videographer in Xiamen.
VisionRouge; The one stop Video / photo agency in China.

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