120cm Motorized Slider, 1 axis, MOCO

Super lightweight setup, perfect for creative time-lapse where only the translation is needed

Can be used also as motorized slider for video purpose with soft start stop position!
This is for lightweight video camera only (below 1.5 Kg)

System composed of
-One track with belt and motor (axis one)
-One Photo Ball head
-2 Photo tripod to put the track until 150 cm high
-One Shutter control (need 2 x AAA battery)
-One Power Control unit for 6 hours working time
-One touch Screen remote control
-2 x External battery with 2 x 6 extra running time
-2 x Battery Charger (one for the Power Control unit, one for the remote control)

Very smart and easy to use interface, all with touch screen and menu in English.
Timelapse mode
-You setup you shutter control time for nigh tor day shooting
-You decide how many picture do you need
-You choose the ending time
-You key the first and last position on the track
-Press GO !

Motion Control Mode
-Setup a starting position in any direction
-Setup a Ending position
-setup a speed and acceleration
-Just go!

(Shutter remote for Canon 5D2, 5D3, 7D, 7D2,.. other on request)