200cm Motorized Slider, 3 axis, MOCO, Heavy Duty

The longest of our slider!

Perfect for creative video and special effect.
Can be used also as motorized slider for video purpose with soft start stop position one any of the 3 axis. Very few noise is produced if the speed is slow. Perfect for one person interview if a second movement is asked on the B cam. The camera can slowly goes and stay centered on your guest during movement without any need for an operator!
This is for video camera until 3.5 Kg

System composed of
-One 2 meters long IGUS 20 track with belt and motor (axis one)
-One 2 Axis Gimbal (axis 2 and 3)
-2 heavy duty tripod to put the track until 170 cm high (optional 2 x hi hat if you need to be on the floor level)
-One Shutter control (need 2 x AAA battery)
-One Power Control unit for 6 hours working time
-One touch Screen remote control
-2 x External battery with 2 x 6 extra running time
-2 x Battery Charger (one for the Power Control unit, one for the remote control)

Motion Control Mode
-Setup a starting position in any direction
-Setup a Ending position
-setup a speed and acceleration
-Just go!
(you can setup until 16 fixed position, speed)

You can also create any movement pattern during 2 minutes duration live and replay it anytime

This is a special item and need maybe to get help of an operator to control it if you are not familiar with the interface, please contact us for details!
It’s also very long, and you may consider a van to carry it!