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Video Interview
One man band shooter
Guangzhou, Feb. 2018

Looking for a One man band shooter to hire for video Interview in Guangzhou, Guangdong?

Guangzhou is just an hour away from Shenzhen (Guangdong), so very convenient to go there. A simple train trip lets us offer video services there too. Perfect choice when you are on the budget and looking for a one man band who can achieve video interview and b-roll in a professional manner. Our video shooter is familiar with this area and surroundings.Hire One man band shooter for video Interview in Guangzhou,Guangdong

Just beautiful 4K S-log footage from your last shooting in Guangdong; where this little bird is ready to fly! Hire One man band shooter for video Interview in Guangdong, Guangzhou

Want to know more about hiring a one man band shooter in Guangzhou?

If you are interested by such service, feel free to contact us for a free quote!  Shanghai and Hong Kong  based production house: Visionrouge covers a very large part of Asia with high skilled English speaker crew.