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Keep up to date with gear news websites

Continuously looking to keep up to date these days is not easy, blog, web-zine and others are taking over on TV and newspaper, there is no longer one channel to get but almost an unlimited number.
Few years back, buying few magazine and news were deliver to your door, now, you have to look by yourself in a large forest without any help on veracity of the news, or the real ability of the writer.

Based on few years reading some of them, I have complied few links and sharing here my feeling to help you choose also your favorite morning reading before going to the office, and make sure you will have something to share to your colleague!

No Film School New article every day, film audience as the name may suggest, but freelancer may found article for them and this is where you may need to be careful by checking if the info you have from there fit your need or not. A great place to get interview from director and also last gear announcement and released.

F-Stopper New article every day, Photo and video audience, Mostly beginner and freelancer related. I found a lot of good topics, but sometime the answers are not relevant to my experience. If you are a single operator, this is a great place to learn about similar experience, but if you are specialized and part of large crew, it may look a bit amateur and not that “professional”

Cinescopophilia Few article per week, Video oriented and not too many explanation each time, you will have to follow provided link by yourself and make up your mind, but it’s clearly where some great gear release are there before the others.

EOSHD Few article per week, Photo and video audience but without the regular caution the large production may have when a new revolutionary product is launch. Product are tested with sample footage, no regard of the brand history, just a clear and complete test of the camera and what you can do with it. The second step will be to make it accepted by your client. The downside is a constant bashing about Canon and other major players in the industry. Keep this as a source of information only, make your own mind.

BoingBoing A lot of article every day, Geek and politic oriented, a great way to refresh also about technology and how human interact with it. Maybe a bit too american way of seeing the world, but a great creative source of inspiration for me. The new 2014 design lost me a bit.

Hack a Day Few article every day, DIY article, with all the explanation you need to do it by yourself. A very nice resources for small hack on every possible electronic item you could already own and need to modified it for yourself.