• Ship construction
    Time-lapse & aerial services
    Zhoushan, July 2019

    Time-lapse & aerial services, ship construction, Zhoushan
    Following a past project in Nantong, I was asked to film the final step in the scrubber installation to a ship. It consist of the slow lifting of the scrubber to the hosting vessel. This very delicate process could only be done by using time lapse as it takes…

  • Two person crew
    Video testimonial
    Zhoushan, Feb 2019

    Hire our two person video crew for  testimonial in Zhoushan-Putuoshan.
    Putuoshan, China, is just an hour away from Shanghai by plane and easy for us to offer our two person crew package there. A high speed train line will soon offer even more flexibility.
    We can shoot, for example, video testimonial on your client facility, bringing all…