Two person crew
Video testimonial
Zhoushan, Feb 2019

Hire our two person video crew for  testimonial in Zhoushan-Putuoshan.

Putuoshan, China, is just an hour away from Shanghai by plane and easy for us to offer our two person crew package there. A high speed train line will soon offer even more flexibility.
We can shoot, for example, video testimonial on your client facility, bringing all shooting gear with us.

These islands are, historically, the place where vessels are built and shipyards are everywhere.  But for today shooting, it’s about plane and the new facility built right beside the Zhoushan (Zhujiajian ) airport. This client required a camera operator and sound tech (the classic two person crew) to film a video report.

All interviews were managed by the cameraman acting as a producer for once. His job was so to listen and get the best of the team present this day. Our Videographer also know what kind of extra footage you need to illustrate the video testimonial. Our crew is not just operating camera gear, they are here to make your team or product shine.
The people we interview are professional engineers. For them, communication in front of a camera not a job they are confident doing. But the audience will watch this video only once and we need to get the best of them with a quick training based on our years of experience. Even if we will no edit the final film, we know which sentence will make great impact.
hire a two person crew for video testimonial in Zhoushan or Putuoshan


Two person crew package

It’s not because we are travelling by plane that we should give up on the gear we will bring! Our two person crew package include everything you need to get all situation sorted out. This time we ended in a small square white room as this time in Zhoushan, Putuoshan.

We will bring 2 kind of lavaliers microphone to record your video testimonial. One wireless standard microphone and one with a direct XLR connection to get the best audio signal. Also we use a boom mic on top of the interviewee. Both Audio signal are feeding our Sound-device recorder to get great pre-amp before ending to the camera. It allows also a backup record. The lighting is usually with LED panel and some plus minus green to correct any tint the existing lighting my have. We have large transportation bags fitting taxis and airplane to flight from Shanghai. We have been doing video production in China since 2003, so experience is a clear plus. Feel free to contact us to fill any film crew position you will need.

On demand 4K two person crew for video testimonial in Zhoushan or Putuoshan


Zhoushan / Putuoshan / Zhujiajian?

For the newcomer, China and its language can be quite complicated to understand as many area get the same name but actually different locations. According to Wikipedia, the Zhoushan archipelago, comprising 1,390 islands and 3,306 reefs, is outside of Hangzhou Bay. It is the largest archipelago of China. Among these islands, 103 are inhabited all year round, 58 are larger than one square kilometer, and only 12 have a populations over 10,000. The major city around is Ningbo, but only few bridges are actives. Landing directly 500m from our client facility was a no brainer for us. This is the second shooting for this client there, so we start to know the area pretty well.
The airport is Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport (舟山普陀山机场) is located on Zhujiajian Island, and is a domestic hub with scheduled passenger flights to several cities in China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Hefei, Lianyungang, Jieyang and Jinjiang.  So, it’s an easy stop over if you need a crew at last minute from different locations.
We have offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai to serve you the best way.

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