LinkedIn video portrait
Social media shooter
Shanghai, Jan. 2019

Hire our shooter to boost your social media impact with a LinkedIn video portrait

Long gone is the time where a simple letter was sufficient to portrait yourself. With the emergence of social media; standing out of the crowd means presenting your profile with a different approach. By creating a LinkedIn video portrait; you are boosting your profile and grab immediate attention. Our video shooter is there to make it happens. He will not only recording your camera performance, but also guide you to act in front of his lens. Also, b-roll or ambiance footage is recorded and will give even more impact for the final movie. This cutaway will also helps keeping only the important part of our speech.


What better way to tell your professional social media network about who you are than a Linkedin video portrait? 

You can make a video intro and share a bit more about what you do and what you’re looking for, or you can flip the format and use a video to introduce yourself and your team to potential hires or buyers. Possibilities are endless. But male no mistakes, the content should be as professional as possible. This exercise needs perfect sound and picture quality to be accepted. Don’t fall for a quick and easy way, it may deserve the original purpose.
Where some will choose to use their phone front camera, we can provide something quite different and make sure it reaches the right audience. Nothing is more important for us that your own image and the profile you want to advertise.


Hire our social media shooter

Social media is not just a trend, it’s there to stay and have its own rule. By the time people will spend in front of it and even by the format; it brakes many rules in the video business. Keep it short and include impact sentences and facts is a great idea. Make sure also to get the right shooting framing; some social media only accept square windows display or portrait mode. Video cameras are only in landscape mode, but with our 4K capability equipment, our shooter can export in different sizes and ratios to fits them all.
Contact us for a free quote, we are based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, so can cover a very large of Asia.

A simple interview can goes from a half day to a full one’s depending on your wishes to included also extra footage illustrating your message.
In this day, we created footage to give the interviewee a nice portrait using a simple lighting setup at the flagship opening store in Shanghai.
Don’t forget that LinkedIn is not just about looking for job opportunities, but also to present you to your team and potential business partner.