Most of our Photo/Video Productions done in China during 2012.

And the past previous year are here: [20112013]

Shanghai, Dec 2012, China
Apple<BR>Time-lapse<BR>Shanghai, Dec 2012, China
Simply Bridal
Product photographer
Fashion Catalog shooting
Shanghai, Dec. 2012, China
Simply Bridal<BR>Product photographer<BR>Fashion Catalog shooting<BR>Shanghai, Dec. 2012, China
Les Merveilleuses Citees D'Or
Blue Spirit Animation
Guilin/Shaolin, Nov 2012
Les Merveilleuses Citees D'Or<BR>Blue Spirit Animation<BR>B-Roll<BR>Guilin/Shaolin, Nov 2012
Malherbe Design
Corporate Interview / BRoll
Shanghai, Nov 2012, China
Malherbe Design<BR>Corporate Interview / BRoll<BR>Shanghai, Nov 2012, China
AZ Crestor
Corporate Interview
Shanghai, Oct 2012
AZ Crestor<BR>ON24<BR>Corporate Interview<BR>Shanghai, Oct 2012
Ashley Furniture
Interview / Aerial Photography/ BRoll
Kushan, Oct 2012, China
Ashley Furniture<BR>Interview / Aerial Photography/ BRoll<BR>Kushan, Oct 2012, China
Corporate Interview
Shanghai, Oct 2012, China
Honeywell <BR>cameraman <BR>Corporate Interview <BR>Shanghai, Oct 2012, China
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge
Photography / Video Corporate
Nanjing, Sept 2012, China
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge<BR>Photography / Video Corporate<BR>Nanjing, Sept 2012, China
Corporate Interview / B-Roll
Shanghai, Sept 2012, China
Carrier<BR>Corporate Interview / B-Roll<BR>Shanghai, Sept 2012, China
Creativ Technologies
Photo Shooting
Aug. 2012, Hangzhou
Merck <BR>Creativ Technologies<BR>Photo Shooting<BR>Aug. 2012, Hangzhou
Sensata Technologies
Corporate video
Video Interviews,
B-Roll, Hefei-Sh, July 2012, China
Sensata Technologies<BR>Corporate video <BR>Video Interviews, <BR>B-Roll, Hefei-Sh, July 2012, China
ABB Robotics
Corporate Video Interview
Shanghai, July 2012, China
ABB Robotics<BR>Corporate Video Interview<BR>Shanghai, July 2012, China
Fete de la musique
French Consulate
Full Event coverage
Shanghai, June 2012, China
Fete de la musique<BR>French Consulate<BR>Full Event coverage<BR>Shanghai, June 2012, China
Crews Connection
Corporate Interview
Shanghai, June 2012, China
DELL APAC<BR>Crews Connection<BR>Corporate Interview<BR>Shanghai, June 2012, China
Cameraman to hire
Video Interview, B-Roll
Shanghai, June 2012, China
Accenture<BR>Cameraman to hire <BR>Video Interview, B-Roll<BR>Shanghai, June 2012, China
Bocuse D’Or Asia
Video Assignment
Shanghai, June 2012, China
Bocuse D’Or Asia <BR>Sopexa<BR>Video Assignment<BR>Shanghai, June 2012, China
Networking Event
Architect@WorkPhoto Instant Print
Shanghai, May 2012, China
Networking Event<BR>Architect@WorkPhoto Instant Print<BR>Shanghai, May 2012, China
Louis Vuitton
WenZhou Store Event
Wireless Instant photo
WenZhou, May 2012, China
Louis Vuitton<BR>WenZhou Store Event<BR>Wireless Instant photo<BR>WenZhou, May 2012, China
ABB Robotics IRB 120 Mouse
Coprorate Presentation
Shanghai, May 2012, China
ABB Robotics IRB 120 Mouse<BR>Coprorate Presentation<BR>Shanghai, May 2012, China
Corporate Photo Shooting
Suzhou, May 2012, China
Solutia<BR>Corporate Photo Shooting<BR>Suzhou, May 2012, China
Le public System
Corporate Video
SH & HZ, May 2012, China
Safran <BR>Le public System <BR>Corporate Video <BR>SH & HZ, May 2012, China
ABB Robotics IRB 120T
3D movie
Shanghai, April 2012, China
ABB Robotics IRB 120T<BR>3D movie<BR>Shanghai, April 2012, China
Crews Connection
Corporate Photography
Shanghai, April 2012, China
Accenture<BR>Crews Connection<BR>Corporate Photography<BR>Shanghai, April 2012, China
Booz & Co
Corporate Interview
Shanghai, April 2012, China
Booz & Co<BR>CrewsControl<BR>Corporate Interview<BR>Shanghai, April 2012, China
Corporate Presentation Corporate Interview
Beijing, April 2012, China
Renault<BR>Corporate Presentation Corporate Interview<BR>Beijing, April 2012, China
Corporate Event Instant photo print
Shanghai, April 2012
Sabic<BR>Corporate Event Instant photo print<BR>Shanghai, April 2012
ABB Robotics Solar Panel application
Coprorate Presentation
Shanghai, April 2012
ABB Robotics Solar Panel application<BR>Coprorate Presentation<BR>Shanghai, April 2012
Louis Vuitton ShenYang Store Event
Wireless Instant photo
ShenYang, March 2012
Louis Vuitton ShenYang Store Event<BR>Wireless Instant photo<BR>ShenYang, March 2012
Sephora Megastore Making Of
Corporate presentation
Shanghai, Feb. 2012,
Sephora Megastore Making Of<BR>Corporate presentation<BR>Shanghai, Feb. 2012,
Training Video
Videographer + Audio Tech
Shanghai, Jan. 2012, China
Training Video<BR>Videographer + Audio Tech <BR>Shanghai, Jan. 2012, China
Bocuse D'Or China
GL Events Video Live Feed and Lighting
Jan. 2012, Shanghai, China
Bocuse D'Or China<BR>GL Events Video Live Feed and Lighting<BR>Jan. 2012, Shanghai, China

2012 Photo/Video Production in China

Photo/Video assignments shot in 2012

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