Time-lapse services

Vision Rouge has been providing time-lapse photography and video for many different clients with different setup according to specifics requirements. We have in-house customized solution, From a simple GoPro camera setup to a solar powered standalone enclosure able to work months without any need for maintenance. As we control the software inside, we can even take picture by night or day only, or any sequences you may required. Our most developed app can even see if the lighting is enough to only take picture per day, or choose on very particular time of the day to get amazing rendering with the sun at the same position on the sky everyday. The time-lapse enclosure host a Arduino computer and can be adapted for each movie project.
Time-lapse Sunset in Shanghai Pudong with GoPro Setup (Youku Link here)

A simple GoPro, setup can help you having great footage! The go pro can be connected to power or external battery for long lasting project
We have a modified version of this amazing camera with external case to keep the external power accessible and a modified lens to zoom and choose a right framing.

Hyper-lapse Pudong demo, 2016

Just 20mn shooting while walking with raw Canon 5DIII and 11-24 4L lens handheld, 3 meters between each pictures.
3 hours post-production for this 3 seconds clip done a rainy Sunday morning.

Lukstudio timelapse construction video, motion controlled camera, 2016

Outside large billboard setup

Another way to get great video is to use the auto align photography software and so be able to create a time-lapse without any need for fixed position. This time-lapse has been done with one operator only, moving position to position. This is a 2 days setup with a Canon DSLR camera on a monopod.

Structure setup Timelapse

Building Construction Site Timelapse (extract)

But when things get serious, we also have strong dedicated system to make sure your camera will work in any condition. This setup is able to work one full month without any external power, and is ready for temperature from 45 till -10 degrees. We have been using it on project for more than 9 months in a row without any failure. To save as much energy as possible the arduino computer completely power off the camera between picture.

time-lapse-construction-shanghai Two of our time-lapse system at work

concrete_timelapse_enclosureOur enclosures are ready for concrete pooring!

If you have a timelapse project, feel free to contact us, we can surely help you choosing the right tools.


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