China Aerospace
Videographer & Grip
Shanghai, June 2019

Hire the perfect team for your next aerospace video in Shanghai: Videographer & Grip !

Filming trains one day, and airplanes the following one: story of Visionrouge’s life. Today, We were lucky enough to talk about the next generation of WiFi on board of aircraft. This will allows continuous Internet connection during long flights. Our video crew manage to film plenty of B-Roll & Portrait for a complete coverage of this China aerospace team. The Videographer & Grip are quite use to this filming and we know what your will need on your movie. In less than 8 hours, we got enough for a full presentation of this great team. We even had time to create video portrait of the China aerospace team member. Each person was filmed in a different situation, from the rooftop with the antennas testing. We did not forgot the classic meeting room whit nice interaction between employees.

Videographer & Grip package offer.

We have different offers for different shooting requests. This Videographer & Grip come right after the One man band. It’s very efficient if there is not too much need for interview sound. An extra Grip helps speeding up the preparation of each shooting location and help carry the gear. We also have the classic 2 person crew but it may be overkill for a situation like this one. As our Grip is bilingual, he can also solve few translation issues and well aware of the way our videographer works. This team has been on many different industrial shooting and prepare for complicated locations. As this shooting happens in Shanghai, there is no extra cost on transportation or accommodation compare to a one man band package.


Videographer & Grip crew in Shanghai

Even if such filming crew seems an easy request; we always try to shoot your project as if it was the only one for this year. We understand that it may be the next one for us, but maybe the unique and first one for you. One part of our job is also to make you conformable and relax on this day. With such crew, it allows a bit more flexibility on the shooting as we an move faster from setup to setup. We don’t settle for average and the grip position is clearly as important as the cameraman. Our crew is a team before all and this is something you will notice when hiring us. There is a clear help and support for getting the best of your shooting day in Shanghai. Too many time, I saw teams where the grip is basically an assistant without any technical knowledge and this is where complication occurs. Our Videographer will have no worries of letting the Grip using the camera if needed. Both have a clear understanding of how the equipment works and that the only way we see our job done.


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