Transportation stock footage
Film B-Roll of train
Bus, Tramways
Shanghai, June 2019

Need to film transportation stock footage / B-roll in Shanghai?

Who you gonna call for your next transportation B-roll stock footage in Shanghai?
VisionRouge; of course. We have been producing video broadcast content since 2005, mainly for corporate clients. This day, we went all over the city of Shanghai in China to gather stock footage. The subject was transportation system and see on the carriage roof their system in place. This is a great and nice view of Shanghai skyline + the name of the city with the High speed train right below it. Do you need more?


The stock footage shooting assignment.

We were asked, by our returning German customer, to film stock footage / b-roll of transportation system in Shanghai, China. Not only we had to do the camera work, but also to organize and scoot locations to make sure we get as much footage as possible. The idea is to show that their product are widely use in many different ways. The timeline was very short as only one morning should be enough to cover buses, tramways, subways and trains.


On top of this; no specific authorization was possible due to time constraint. Of course, as their is no place in Shanghai where all this should be recorded at the same time, we have to prepare a smart itinerary to finally reach their office in Pudong to get the interview ready.
With the help of map, local street view tools, we prepared a great trip and all went superbly, getting even more than expected despite some construction work on few bridges.

The second part of the day was dedicated to a more simple interview setup. As usual, after choosing the best room for the lighting and the subject, the one to one interview could start with the help of dual translation. We used our Aputure light for the last time as we invested on Astra Lightpanel. The client received less than 48 hours after we left the facility, the entire copyright free footage. He is now able to do any use of this b-roll, even resell it as stock footage to reduce the total cost of this day.
You can check our framing below.


Stock footage with Visionrouge?

Our cameras are all 4K capable, so you have pictures you can use your video for long time.
Our team members are all 10 years + experience in China.
They all have the legal work permit and visa to be filming in Chinese streets.
We value our work attitude as well, so the appearance and outfit will always be on a corporate mood.
Feel free to contact us for any stock footage request, we may actually already have the one you need!