DJI Inspire 3.0, what do we need?

The future DJI Inspire 3.0

Dream list of the main changes to dream of on the new version of the DJI Inspire.

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Software Application DJI GO
I would love to get a landscape photo preset; Something like 6 or 9 HDR photo of a dedicated area and surrounding. I can for example, put my main subject in the center of the screen, press the landscape preset and the head is automatically moving up and down, right and left to be able to get a patchwork of the surrounding in hdr mode. As this, it will be a amazing tools to create high resolution picture of a large building or area in just one click. Later, it will be very easy to assemble them in Photoshop.

It would be also very important to get the tablet battery level displayed during the app, so I can monitor this as well. This is quite a big miss for now.

Having larger icons to the touch screen. Sometime, I found the icon a bit small to do all the work quickly. Also, the Home button should be harder to find. This is not something you like to get in the middle of the flight.
cameraman sur la chine disponible pour photo et video drone
Introducing a flying max speed easy to setup will be very helpful to follow someone walking. Until now, it’s quite hard to get this kind of movement smooth as the drone is quite powerful.

Pressing home on the left corner by mistake force you to press again to the center of the screen to get the view back. A safe confirmation pop-up window should be introduced.

Map download option should also be available. To save energy during flight and data as the tablet should be dedicated to the flight to avoid app conflict, I’m not crazy of having Wifi or data on just to download the map. Why don’t we just download a large map of the area before flying and the app is just displaying it.

Introducing the No GPS flight mode. Until now, only if no gps is found, the flight will be possible, but if GPS is found in the air, the home position is recorded in mid air. For some specific area were GPS is intermittent, a No GPS mode should be introduce to avoid this position jump. It will make these flight safer.


It will be great to get a dedicated tablet for monitoring with a specific battery. For example, A 8 inches Tab from Samsung, but get a dedicated larger back to have a larger interchangeable battery. All other tablet may work with the app, but it will be interesting to get a dedicated one where we are more certain that everything run smoothly instead of trying to get the best of an existing tab that may not be perfect after all.

On the drone itself, a dual camera should be also introduce to be able to get one fpv view from the operator, and a camera view for the camera operator in dual setup mode.

The camera should be with a global shutter. Even if we lose on the sensibility, which is not a trouble most of the time, a X3 head version with a global shutter will remove all jello effect.

Flight duration should be extend with maybe a dual battery setup. With the new X5 head, and a cold weather, it’s just about 10mn flight which is getting to short sometime.

Providing foldable propellers as seen on the S900 will also make it easier to setup and carry around, avoiding the risk of losing one during flight.
aerial shooting in shenzhen with dji inspire

The remote antenna are also not very easy to get at the right angle and work better when linked together. I would love to see such a system included.
3D printed antenna booster dji inspire architecture photo en chine

Thanks DJI engineers for watching!