External aperture control for eos lens

Canon EF lens External aperture control hack

In order to keep my EOS EF / EF-S lenses on Sony NEX range camera (FS-100) i will use a regular adapter, and add the electrical control system coming from another EOS body.

Of Course, Cheap to buy, but i also bought some macro ring for Canon Lens, dismantle, cut it and add some wire, and use a old canon DSLR (350D) as a remote.
I spend 4 hour on this, so not too complicated to do, and it’s working perfectly!!!
Next step is to buy a broken body in order to put a switch on the “deep of field” button instead of pushing it, add a power supply with 12 V and some rig to attache all of it.

All the stuff to start, Kippon Adapter E-Mount to EOS (mecanical only), Extension tube for EOS, 350D EOS Body and test EF-S Lens.

The contact cut from the extension tube and 8 wire connected
(6 should be enough as 2 are for the ground and one is not connected, but i prefer do all to keep upgrading possible)
I was afraid 15 cm wiring will not work, but it’s working perfectly.

Close up, the hard part is to align the contact, i used a EOS-Nikon adapter as it’s very slim and help to keep all in position
The other side is just connected to the tube extension.
Next step will be to change this for a removable wire and have one control unit for many adapter
Closed (you need to keep the button “deep of field” to see it
Iris Open, It’s working
It’s dirty cheap as you can imagine (except the price of an old EOS body, but we all have one somewhere..)

The Sony to EOS is large enough to add the contact and (maybe a ND filter wheel… but that’s another story)

Sure this system can be adapted on other Mirco 4/3 lens adapter, as soon as there is some room for the contacts!