Siple Remote Start Stop for 5D or 7D Hack

DIY Remote Start Stop for 5D or 7D

As the external shutter remote only control the shutter, the only way to remote the recording is to use a IR remote. But the IR need to be in front of the camera as the sensor is inside the camera hand-grip, not very convenient.

Here is a Canon RC6 IR remote working for both 5D and 7D (cost around rmb 390 but copies available for rmb 50)

You need to remove the front adhesive layer (there is 2 layers) with a cutter and gently remove the IC board. (Remove the battery before, of course). There is a small switch at the back to delay your remote order. Keep it in “no delay” position to avoid waiting time at each take. I remove the switch cap and use the empty hole for my remote wire.

The Shutter control

The remote is a cheap copy of the canon shutter release but any brand will do. In fact, any push button will do, so a bell push button is fine also


There is 3 wires, but you need only two, you can exchange it, no worries. Usually, remote allow “half push” for focusing, and “full” for the picture. I decided to use the contact for “half”.

The inside

You need to scratch the grey isolating plastic in order to solder your wire.
One small glue touch and it’s done!

You can now put the remote in front of the camera grip and put the camera in the “IR remote” mode. (Very important…)

Now, you can start stop without losing the first and last second of each clips as the camera shaking…
The finished thing
You also have the HDMI modification there to avoid disconnection during shooting.