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Shanghai, Nov. 2019

On Budget video service for Market research videographer to hire in Shanghai Puxi,

Sometime, you don’t need a full crew for a simple web video on market research. Still, quality is not to be forgotten. This is the perfect fit for our budget videographer package. Our cheap video service offers in Shanghai Puxi is what you are looking for.

Call us for more details on this budget pricing with a English speaker cameraman fully equipped for interview and B-Roll.

Start saving money on your video project; contact us!.

This budget package drop few items to get lighter on bags and pricing. For example, the audio feed is now connected directly to the camera instead of going through an external mixer. This is completely industry standard as quality matters, but it let you save money. It will help also moving and setting up faster interview situation. Only one audio cable to go from the camera to the interviewee. It avoids the hassle of batteries, putting receiver and emitter but forces you to have a static medium shot. As always, there is a balance between a more expensive setup with any situation covered or a budget videographer. If you already have all planned and clear views of all your shots, it will really helps scaling down you video needs. A lighter bag will reduce the overall costs.

As we have extensive experience; we are here to help you choosing the right option if you like something on the budget. The location scooting can be done just by transferring pictures prior to the shot, at the same time the filming is supposed to happens. That will help choosing the right lighting package knowing the position of the sun and the kind of curtain available in you office.

You have time to plan and know what you want? This is the best start for a alternative price offer.

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On budget, one man band in Shanghai to hire.

The skyline is Wuxi is lower than the one in Pudong, Shanghai, but still offer a great variety. Even if you are willing to not spend to much, we have very powerful and lightweight LED package to bring with us as gives you great result. It’s obvious that a full geared team with HMI will do better, but it may be the kind of shot you can have anyways due to the limited room at your market research facility.

Too often, I saw competitors charging for a circus show, where our one-man-band camera guy would have produce very similar result. A market insight team is not so familiar with the exact impact such large crew actually means. They may plan too many interviews without thinking the kind of electric power that would be needed. With our cheap and friendly videographer offer, it will make your team comfortable speaking with too much gear and people around. One man band is only composed of a single cameraman and few lights. Our shooting way will have a very limited impact on your co-workers.

book Market research video, Cheap Videographer service in Puxi, Shanghai
You can hire us for you market research video directly through this website under this connect page. It’s important to fill as much requirement as possible to stick to your exact needs. Our cost effective offer will fits this perfectly.We will let you know where some adjustment can be made to even reduce further.
For us, we push ourselves to provide each interviewee in a different room, with a clean and nice looking backdrop. Getting an efficient setup helps reset light and camera at each take.

Quality and cost effective cameraman offer, how does it work?.

This particular market insight video project requested 2 different locations to record 4  interviews. On top of this, we needed to film 3 outdoor b-roll locations and an extra street talk within 2 km distance. Last but not least, as time allowed it; we filmed a group panel discussion to reflect consumers experience.
Our cameraman simply walked to each locations with bags on wheels. That was not an easy task as Shanghai streets can be quite narrow. Taxi or van were not allowed to park in most of the desired places. For example; waiting your van, loading, driving, unloading, walking and setting up can be quite a challenge in the middle of Puxi at busy hours.

This is where experience matters and why choosing us makes a difference. Being in this city since 2003 helps.
hire Market research video, Cheap Videographer service in Puxi, Shanghai
Hiring our cheap videographer offer do not mean a cheap output quality. At the opposite, it means that all have been planned in advance. We will bring only the exact equipment needed and the saving are there.

With a tight budget, some will think we have to downgrade on the camera, but it will actually makes no sens for us. As camera such Sony FS7 belong to us, it will makes no sens to buy an extra cheaper DSLR for this assignment. It will also slow us down compare to using a real video camera. With ND filter and audio inputs; such camera is actually a time (and so) money saver.

In summary, we can help you saving money with:

  • Perfect equipment list, fitting your shooting requirement.
  • Accurate shooting list, schedule and location scooting.
  • High end and versatile filming gear.
  • Experimented video crew member.