Medical equipment
Product presentation
Training video
Shanghai, May 2018

Looking for a video crew on a product presentation or training video?

Since 2005, we have been providing video service for such training video and product presentation, experience matters ! In Shanghai, China; it was a mix of green screen shooting on location to add to the power point some life. Real filming in front of the actual medical equipment was done later. A prompter was added to help smooth the long presentation text and making sure nothing was forgotten. On top of these, a specific software captured the mouse moves and screen display for a perfect sync between the action and final product presentation.
Such training video helps your staff getting familiar with equipment you can’t move from your laboratory. This is one day job, but can surely save you a lot of time with your team learning curve. We know your staff are not familiar with such filming experience but we are also here to help.

We are setting up a on site green backdrop system as a standard procedure. As soon as we have a large and quiet room, we can make this happen. We are based in Shanghai, China, but obviously can carry this setup anywhere you need us to be, even in Hong Kong.

The client also requested few b-roll of their Shanghai office to add to the training video final movie. In one day, he now have plenty of footage to get something standing out compare to a simple power point video. for sure, it will attract more audience on this product presentation film.

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