Fixing the sony z7 tele lens

Shanghai Sony repair center experience

On a shoot, i realize that i can’t control the zoom level by remote.
I was able to switch to manual/remote, feel the motor or not, but nothing happen when i press zoom in or zoom out, both on the camera button or handle!
I had no idea if it was a sender (the camera) or receiver problem (the lens).

I bring back the camera to Sony and they said to me that the lens is dead, a new one is around rmb 7,000 (750 Euros)!
The repair guy did not touch the lens, just plug a new lens, test it, so affirm that i need a new one, without even opening mine!

I was not prepare to pay for a new one so decide to take back the lens at the office and open it to see how it is, anyway, the lens is dead to them.


I start opening the motor panel as it was for me a dead motor.
And i notice a slight lift under the motor where the switch is. (See the red arrow)
This switch is just glue to the camera body?! and the glue came off, so the switch was always on manual, even if i can move the mechanical position to auto with the motor.

I simply glue it back, wait 8 hours to have the glue dry and put all together….

And it’s working perfectly since then,

I can’t be more concern about the truth from the Sony Shanghai repair center,
As it’s glue, i can understand it’s happen quite often, my lens was 13 month old.


Thanks Sony Shanghai for your advice, never trust a repair guy … If you have dust in your screen, better do it yourself as well!
I also have the feeling that other camera lens control switch may have the same problem in other HVR sony line..