video production and photography services in Xiamen

Xiamen or Amoy is a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian, China, beside the Taiwan Strait.

  • Hire Director of Photography
    Videographer / Cameraman
    Xiamen, Dec 2019

    Hire Director of Photography / Videographer / Cameraman, Xiamen
    Hire our Director of Photography for your Videographer and Cameraman needs in Xiamen. We have been providing video service in China since we settle there in 2003.
    On this project, Our prestigious IEEE client request interviews of many participants during their time off from convention conferences. It ended…

  • Cisco
    Corporate video
    Videographer, one-man-band
    Xiamen, Jan. 2019

    On demand local videographer, one-man-band available in Xiamen for corporate video.
    Three days along the sea to shoot for Cisco a corporate video project. The idea was to get an English speaking videographer/one-man-band supporting an overseas Director and producer. After one day scooting Xiamen, the followings days were more focused on filming and getting video interviews…