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Videographer / Cameraman
Xiamen, Dec 2019

Hire Director of Photography / Videographer / Cameraman, Xiamen

Hire our Director of Photography for your Videographer and Cameraman needs in Xiamen. We have been providing video service in China since we settle there in 2003.
On this project, Our prestigious IEEE client request interviews of many participants during their time off from convention conferences. It ended to be a 4 days shooting assignment in Xiamen for our cameraman. A great time there with very interesting subject covered.
book Director of Photography Videographer Cameraman Xiamen

Videotaping Xiamen city

Xiamen alternately known as Amoy is a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian, China, beside the Taiwan strait.
The historic part is like an central rounded island connected by bridges to the rest of China. We usually go to film there by high speed rail from Shenzhen or plane directly from Hong Kong or Shanghai.
The airport is quite in the middle of the city and it could be a time saver to use plane more than train. Even if we do not use videotapes anymore, this city offer few nice historical colonial buildings to film. The view to the sea is also nice as the convention center and surrounding hotels are all there. We can almost see Taiwan on the other side!
freelance Director of Photography Videographer Cameraman Xiamen

Director of Photography Challenges in Xiamen

Theses video are meant to be watched online as a videoblog but with the film quality look. Even if Artificial Intelligence Computing may be a boring subject for some; we decided to step up their previous videos with a more cinematic look. For us, filming is a real passion.
Hiring our DoP is not just to press a record button, but to make sure the overall result stand out from a blog video done with a phone or DSLR. As the attributed room was quite small, the obvious shooting challenge was to find a different background look for each of the interviewee.
Hire Director of Photography Videographer Cameraman Xiamen
The second challenge was the very short time to reset camera and light between each video recording. All went great on these 4 days shooting in Xiamen. The room had some dark wood walls and few light to move around, so it was a cosy time in Xiamen.book Videographer Cameraman Xiamen
Thanks again for all IEEE team who support this project and made it happen.

What is include when you hire camera man from VisionRouge?

Our cinematographer one man band package in Xiamen include all you need for great cinema looking interviews.

  • 4K 60p 10 bit video camera as FS7 Sony.
  • Fast set of high end full frame lenses.
  • Light panel bicolor LED with stand.
  • Audio recorder, lavalier microphone AND boom recording simultaneously.
  • Accommodation, transportation and food included.
  • 2 Tb cloud hosting located outside China firewall.
  • All footage copyright free available on-line at full quality.

So, you have a complete offer with the camera gear, transportation and accommodation as well as copyright and cloud hosting of your footage for a worldwide super fast access. This is a fixed price including all in one and no hidden cost popping at last minute with the : “It’s China” excuses.
Hire dop Videographer Cameraman Xiamen

Freelance video artist/blogger and cinema camera crew member.

You hiring may look like a simple freelance videographer, but you have a company paid camera operator with 20 years experience shooting such video. At the end, it’s clearly cheaper and safer than most competition if you put all in the balance. Also, only companies registered in mainland China are allow to work there. It’s quite obvious that many bloggers with “business visa” or “tourist visa” trying to get extra pocket money as cinematographer but the risk for you is huge. He may simply not be able to pass security check in place for some specific political event.
In Xiamen this days; another political conferences was on, and the visa and gear were checked right at the airport. Without the support of a video production company, it will be impossible to pass these security check.
The second obvious advantage is the experience using high end camera. We recorded all the footage from Xiamen in S-Log Cine EI at 10 bits 4K. That let any production house enough room to play with exposure and color correction if they really like to get exact same look to each of the sequences. It’s 4 days shooting look like done in just one.
freelance Cameraman Xiamen

Hire Videographer / Cameraman for your next shooting in Xiamen

You are one click away to get a free price estimate for our next shooting in China, from Zhenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen or Shanghai. We have been traveling all over China and Hong Kong these past years, to offer videography and photography services. We have large film crew or lighter Dop/One man band to hire for an hour or a day!
There is no sub-contractor when working with us. The one you will see on set are the one you hire and discuss your movie project. We are based there to serve you there. You can book us directly online, we can give you a phone call or visio conference to discuss further your project. It will be a pleasure to get another shooting day for you.